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Anupama 1st September 2021 Nandini apologizes Anu for not informing her about the past, says Samar knows everything about her past, but she couldn’t inform him about Rohan. Anu says its difficulty for Samar to face this reality, she will console Samar, but Nandini has to face her past herself and question Rohan what he wants as anyone can get out of her without her wish but cannot enter back without her wish. Nandini nods and leaves. Anu prays for her. Rakhi looking at cheque thinks which wealth did Shah get that they are showing her attitude. She orders her assistant to deposit cheque and if it bounces inform legal team to start legal proceedings. She thinks she will send them to jail and feels shocked seeing someone.

Anu gets Devika’s voice message that she has a good news which she will meet and inform, their college days are back and someone special too. Anu gets confused. Vanraj thinks he will discuss the issue with Baa and Bapuji once they return. They return and ask regarding what. Baa asks to take cheque photo before depositing to frame it. Vanraj informs that Anuj Kapadia/AK doesn’t want to buy karkhana now. Baa and Bapuji panic and ask reason. Vanraj says he doesn’t know. Bapuji says if not AK, they will sell it to someone else. Kavya says they will not get 5 crores. Bapuji says whatever amount they get. Anu walks in. Kavya yells deal is canceled because of her nazar. Bapuji warns that Anu blesses instead. Kavya continues yelling. Vanraj warns her to shut up as her overconfident ruined the deal, she gave cheque to Rakhi before deal was finalized. Baa says Rakhi will start dancing now. Kavya requests Anu to get cheque from Rakhi Dave like she begged her for money. Anu says she already told her that being good and getting humiliated are 2 different things; if had guts to give cheque to Rakhi and throw her nameplate out, she should have guts to take back cheque from her; it was her mistake earlier and now its Kavya’s mistake and she should sort it out. Kavya yells Anu is so helpful, how will she get cheque back.

Kinjal offers her same cheque and informs Vanraj that she saw him and Kavya getting out of AK’s office and realized deal was canceled, so she went to mom and took back cheque. Baa asks if Rakhi easily gave up cheque. Anu asks if Rakhi asked her to stay in pent house in return. Kinjal remembers going to Rakhi’s office and stealing cheque in lieu of seeking auto fair from her. Kavya surprised asks if she stole the cheque. Kinjal says mom voice messaged and yelled at Kavya. Anu says her act is not justified but thanks to her. Kavya also thanks her. Anu asks if she is hiding something. Kinjal informs that mom demanded money within 1 month and apologizes for her stupidity. Vanraj says she did right, they have 1 month to sort out. Kinjal says she panicked and went to mom, now she realized mummy also panicked went to mom. Vanraj says he will call his area’s real estate agent and offer to sell the property. Kavya says they don’t need AK now.

Devika walks in. Baa says she is tattoo girl Sevika. Devika hugs Baa and touches Bapuji’s feet, and seeing Kavya and Vanraj says she came at the wrong time. Bapuji says she came at the right time and asks to sit. Devika then excitedly hugs Anu and says she looks more pretty after life’s detoxing, looking at Vanraj. She then says she will take her for college reunion as most of old friends are meeting. Vanraj yells whenever she comes here, she takes Anu out. Vanraj asks why is he jealous always. Kavya asks him how does it matter to him. He says it doesn’t. Anu says she will not go. Kinjal and Bapuji insist her to go. Baa says she shouldn’t when there is a tension at home. Bapuji convinces Baa. Anu says she knows went to college for just 1 year. Vanraj asks Devika why is she so excited. Devika says their college’s hero has returned to Ahmedabad and has planned reunion. Vanraj stresses word reunion. Devika asks Kavya if her husband also wants reunion. Kavya scolds Vanraj, and he shuts his mouth. Devika walks away giving him a befitting reply.

Nandini calls Samar repeatedly, but he doesn’t pick call angrily. She then calls Rohan and says let us meet. Kinjal selects a shalwar suit for Anu. Anu says she doesn’t wear shalwar suit now. Pakhi joins Kinjal and selects sari for Anu. Anu calls Samar and hopes his and Nandini’s issues are sorted out soon. Kinjal with Pakhi gets Anu ready in a beautiful sari, flower gajra, jewelry and makeup and says maybe she will get someone who will complete her. Baa in living room jokes with Devika. Kinjal introduces Anu. They all smile seeing her.


Anupama 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu meets her classmate Anuj Kapadia in college reuion. Vanraj and Kavya stand jealous seeing that.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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