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Anupama 19th January 2021 Baa seeing Rakhi comments that nagin/snake came and they should play been/flute. Kinjal asks Rakhi why did she bring washing machine when she didn’t ask her and asks her to please don’t make her misbehave with her. Rakhi says relax, its just a washing machine. Baa asks Rakhi how does she know that their washing machine is under repair and asks Kinjal if she informed her mother. Kinjal says she didn’t tell mom anything and asks Anu to trust her. Anu says she knows her bahu knows to keep house issues inside home itself. Baa asks if god in dream asked nagin to send washing machine to her daughter’s house. Rakhi asks why she overexaggerates the issue and doesn’t have any problem when Vanraj’s girlfriend enters home but has problem if her samdhan sends a gift, why they like dirt than one who wants to wash it off. Toshu thinks his family doesn’t know to respect one who gifts them. Anu asks Rakhi to have tea and snacks and take back her washing machine.

Rakhi says she can pay it back in cash or if she cannot afforce at once to 1 rs installment each day in 70000 days. Baa asks if this machine itself automatically will dry clothes on road. Rakhi says unfortuntately machine company doesn’t have innovative people like her and tells Anu that she can pay yearly installment as she may not afford monthly installment with her school job. Vanraj enters warning Rakhi to dare not insult his wife as he will not tolerate it, he can afford a washing machine for his wife. Rakhi claps and says wow my wife, asks Toshu to get sweets as his father got back his memory and realized Anu is his wife, she is so happy to see him turning from Ravanraj back to Vanraj, they became Anuraj again and she should take their selfie. Kinjal asks Rakhi to stop.

Vanraj asks why did she let her mom insult her mummy and informed Rakhi about washing machine repair. Kinjal says she didn’t. Anu says Kinjal cannot do that and she thinks Rakhi would have overheard their conversation when she called them in the morning. Rakhi says she is right and what is wrong if she brought washing machine for her daughter, asks Kinjal if she would like to see her mother washing clothes, she cannot see Anu doing household chores, teach in school and dance class, or wash clothes, she even offered to repay money in installments. Kinjal says mom’s intention is not wrong. Vanraj asks if she can’t see her mother manipulating her. Kinjal asks Rakhi why is she stretching the issue so much. Anu says they don’t need washing machine right now and if she needs she will not take it from samdhan but ask it rightly from her sister. Rakhi says fine then. Kinjal thinks mom thought right for the first time in life and was worried about mummy, but family overreacted.

Rakhi asks delivery boys to either throw away washing machine or take it home. She then sees Kavya locking her house’s door and thinks how did she miss jahan piya wahan main/Iam where my love is episode. She loudly asks Vanraj if he is sure that he doesn’t need washing machine for his wife. Kavya stops hearing that. Baa says nagin is shouting on road now. Vanraj walks to Rakhi and says when he told he doesn’t need it, she should understand it. She says she was worried for his wife. He says is alive to fulfill his wife’s wishes and doesn’t need her help. She looking at Kavya says he is right. Vanraj looks at Kavya and walks in. Rakhi taunts Kavya that she thought of setting up fire, but Kavya has burnt into ashes; she likes Kavya staring at her and says her boyfriend didn’t even bother about her and showed his possessiveness for his wife in front of her, why is she giving her dirty look when she didn’t even confront her boyfriend. Kavya walks towards her cab. Rakhi continues that even being modern Kavya accepted her fate like other Indian women and is singing bhala ho bura ho jaisa bhi ho mera boyfriend mera devta hai. Kavya silently sits in cab. Rakhi walks away smirking. Vanraj thinks Kavya saw him when he was speaking to Rakhi, then why didn’t she call him to confront yet. Kavya calls someone and speaks.

Kinjal asks Toshu if he also thinks mummy/Anu is turning soft towards papa/Vanraj. Toshu says that is good as papa suffered a lot and deserves forgiveness now. Rakhis says mom thought about mummy for the first time and brought gift, but mummy reject it. Toshu says mummy is not habituated to accept gifts. Kinjal says mummy didn’t react when papa called her wife and makes her silent whenever she speaks against papa, her mind is changing slowly. Toshu says that is good for everyone.

Anu reminiscing Vanraj telling Rakhi that he will not tolerate misbehavior against his wife and can buy many washing machines for his wife walks into Vanraj’s room, but seeing him asleep walks back thinking he would have said that to shut Rakhi’s mouth. Next morning, Baa shows new washing machine to Anu. Anu gets happy seeing that and thanks Baa and Bapuji for bringing her new machine. Baa says Vanraj brought it for her as he couldn’t see her working so much. Anu walks away silently. Bapuji tells Baa that neither her son Vanraj will change nor his daughter/Anu will calm down. Anu walks to Vanraj and asks why he trying to become her husband; she can understand Rakhi’s gesture, but why did he bring washing machine for her without any relationship with her. He says he was worried for her seeing her working so hard and didn’t want to put more burden on her.

She says earlier she used to work similarly, then why didn’t he see that before. He says earlier he was going to office, but now being at home he saw how much she works hard to take care of family, children, and parents and saw her pain and how she works whole day without getting tired; she is so good and took care of him even after so much happened, he didn’t ask why as he knows the answer. She asks what answer. He says there may be a distance between husband and wife but not differences, and when he was injured, she cleared those differences and came to him, etc. She asks him to stop and says she already told him once and even now repeats that she is not Anupama Vanraj Shah and is just Anumapa, a woman, a daughter, a DIL, a MIL, a mother, a bhabhi, and a friend and nothing else.


Anupama 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu tells Vanraj that leaving his wife for his girlfriend was his decision and not taking him back in her life is her decision. Vanraj thinks he knows there is a distance between them even being under same roof and he will clear it soon. Kavya meets Anirudh and thinks Vanraj’s decisions made her to take a decision which would be good for both of them.

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Telecast Date:19th January 2021
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