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Anupama 18th November 2022 Shahs return home. Vanraj calls Pakhi and says she is not picking his call. He blames Anupama for creating a drama and then lecturing repeatedly to act great. Hasmukh asks what did he do the other day. Vanraj says it was, but why did Anupama and Anuj take Pakhi home when they can’t handle her childishness. Kavya asks him to not name Pakhi’s blunders as childishness,

Pakhi had crossed her limits and hence Anupama took that extreme step. Samar says it wasn’t easy for mummy. Kinjal says they should imagine what Anupama must be feeling. Vanaj asks what about Pakhi, her own mother canceled her wedding and kicked her out of the house. Leela warns him to stop blaming Anupama as teaching a lesson to Pakhi was necessary, Pakhi was flying too high and would realize her mistake after facing the hardships now.

Anupama asks Anuj to take her somewhere as she is feeling very stressed, Little Anu couldn’t missed her school camp due to wedding. Anuj says camp must be still going on, they will drop Litle Anu at the camp and go somewhere. Anupama says she is highly stressed and needs peace. Adhik shifts into a hotel with Pakhi and asks her if he should order her something to eat.

Pakhi continues to cry and says if Anupama had problem with her, she should have taken her to a room and corrected her mistake, why did she slap and humiliate her in front of everyone; she always does this. Adhik says he doesn’t know about always, this time its Pakhi’s mistake. Pakhi says Anupama should have punished her instead of kicking her out of the house; what kind of a parents they are, they threw children on road and themselves are enjoying in a palace.

Adhik says she is Pakhi Adhik Mehta now and after marriage, one stays at in-law’s place and not parent’s place, Shah house is her parent’s house and Kapadia house is not her in-law’s house, they were just staying at Kapadia house and its Anupama and Anuj’s greatness that they let us stay in their house, she should stop thinking that she is a Kapadia bahu; he loves her immensely and promises to give her a comfortable life, she needs to support him for that or else she should look after herself.

Next morning, Little Anu cicks family selfie with her parents and notices it spoilt. Anuj says they can click more pics on the way. Little Anu goes to get her bags. Ankush greets Anuj and Anupama good morning and asks if they are going somewhere. Anuj says they are going on a vacation after dropping Little Anu to her school camp. Adhik says that is nice, they needed a break anyways.

Anupama says she wanted to finish an important task before going and calls Barkha. Ankush says she left to Mumbai for some important work. Anupama says Barkha is the one who provoked Sweety and if Sweety is expelled from the house, even Barkha doesn’t have any right to stay in this house.

Anuj apologizes Ankush and says they tried their best to keep the family united, but one can’t clap with one hand, people shouldn’t misuse other’s goodness, they all need a break, GK is going to a Somnath pilgrimage and they are going on a trip, so Barkha and Ankush should find a place for themselves before they return. Anupama says sorry and says some relationships can be revived by staying away.

Ankush says they will leave this house before Anuj and Anupama return and apologizes them for the mistakes happened knowingly or unknowingly. Anuj says ther is no need for that. Anupma touches his feet. Anuj cries hugging him and says they would be bonded by heart even if they stay away. He hugs again emotionally. Ankush asks to go now.

Adhik standing at the door wishes them good morning and says he came to pick up Pakhi’s phone. Anupama says she asked them to leave her house, but they can visit her often. Ankush touches Anupama’s house and asks can he call her mummy as she is her mother-in-law. Anupama agrees and asks where are they staying.

Ankush says they checked into a hotel for the time being and would find a house soon. He requests Anuj for a salary advance and leave to find a house. Anuj agrees and says they can get some extra money if needed. Adhik says he doesn’t need loan but just salary. Anupama hopes Pakhi also changes in Adhik’s company. Adhik thanks them and leaves. Ankush clicks Anuj’s family pic. Camera focuses on spoilt pic.

Pakhi starts yelling and cursing Anupama after learning that she is going on a vacation after kicking her daughter out of the house. Ankush asks her to calm down as its their life and they can do whatever they wanted to. He asks her to get ready as they are going to check a few houses. She excitedly asks if they are buying a house. He says right now he can afford a rented house, later he will buy one. She says she will not stay at any random place and has chosen a place already. He asks where. She thinks Anupama did a mistake by making her daughter cry, she will make Anupama cry now and repent once she returns from trip.

Anupama feels nervous before leaving the house for a trip and looks at home temple. Anuj loads bags in his car and says lets god. Temple lamps flicker. Vanraj tells his parents that he is going bring Pakhi home. Leela warns him not to bring her back home and let her learn from her mistake. Vanraj reminds that she had felt bad when Hasmukh kicked him out of the house. Leela says she had felt bad, but Vanraj learnt a lesson from it. Hasmukh asks Vanraj not to worry about Pakhi.

Vanraj says he is not a brutal mother like Anupama who kicked daughter out of house and herself is going on a vacation. Kavya asks what is wrong in it when they are all getting back to their routine, how is Anupama a bad mother. Vanraj asks her to stop supporting Anupama. Kavya asks him to stop blaming Anupama as Pakhi is reaping what she sowed. Leela says Kavya is right and warns him not to contact Pakhi for a few days. Hasmukh says let Anupama breathe a fresh air for 2 days at least.

Anuj drives car out of the house. Anupama notices Stop transport company truck breaking down in front of the gate. Watchman says it will be cleared soon. Little Anu says she will miss her camp. Anupama says she need not worry as Anuj will drop her on time. Anuj notices her nervous and says everything will be alright. Truck is towed away.


Anupama 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Little Anu asks Anuj and Anupama if they will pick her back. Anupama asks her not to get more emotional, they will return soon. Anupama’s sari gets stuck to a gate. A jeep crosses their car.

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Telecast Date:18th November 2022
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