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Anupama 18th June 2021 Kavya returns from office, sits on sofa resting her legs on table, and says it was a hectic day and she is tired. Baa taunts to keep her legs on her head. Kavya requests not to start now and tells Vanraj that she saw his missed calls. He says she forgot something. She says she paid his mobile bill. He says today was his interview, she didn’t even bother to call and find out how it went, it was terrible. She asks what is her mistake if he didn’t get a job. He says she should have at least called and found out. She says she was busy. He asks her to prepare tea for him. She says she is tired and he himself should prepare it for him. Baa offers her tea to him.

Vanraj shouts at Kavya that he is having a headache. She says even she is having a headache tolerating boss and Kinjal’s tantrums. He says even Anu returned from school tired, but prepared tea for Baa and Bapuji. She says she is not Anu and he married her as she is different from Anu. Bapuji asks them to discuss their personal problems in their room and not in front of everyone. Kavya says when they are discussing about Anu, they should in front of Anu. Vanraj warns her to dare not speak rudely with Bapuji. Kavya shouts she wants to hire a maid and cannot work both in office and house like Anu.

Anu asks them to stop. Kavya says everyday is not the same, sometimes guests will come and sometimes there would be more work in office, so its not possible. Vanraj says she forgot that Anu single handedly did all the work. Kavya says she had Jhilmil’s support. Baa says Jhilmil has gone to her village and not to jail and hence will return in a few days. Kavya says god knows when will she come, there lives will be easy if they hire a maid.

Rakhi enters and says she is right, even she suggested Kinjal to hire a maid to stop issues in the family. Anu says Khilmil will return in a few days. Rakhi taunts there cannot be a better maid than Anu, she means nobody can cook or take care of house and family like Anu, but new maid will do something at least and they can remove her once Jhilmil returns. Anu asks Kinjal and Kavya to take a decision, but she doesn’t need a maid and herself will serve Baa, Bapuji, and children. Rakhi asks what about when she will be in school or in dance class, she doesn’t want her daughter Kinjal to spend her whole life in kitchen. Anu says even she doesn’t want Kinjal to work in kitchen, but Kinjal and Toshu can take care of themselves and she will take care of Baa, Bapuji, Samar, and Pakhi. Kavya says its final that she will hire a maid, asks V if she is right.

He asks if he has to hire a maid now. She says he cannot expect her to cook 3 times and work in office like Anu as its not possible for her; she taunts Anu that she should not overexert herself in this age and rest. Kavya says she will pay maid’s salary if they can’t afford it, but will not let Kinjal exert herself. Kinjal asks her to stop and says let Kavya hire a maid, she and mummy will manage themselves. Kavya says they can work if they want to and suffer each day, but she will not and will hire a maid. Anu says getting work from a maid is difficult task, they need to explain work.

Baa says they need to tolerate her tantrums and eat whatever raw food she prepares. Kavya says Baa is talking about Jhilmil, but she will hire a professional helper who will be well trained. Anu says even she needs to be explained about each family member’s needs and literally force them to work. Kavya says she knows to handle people as she manages many employees under him. Anu says good if she uses her skills even at home. Kavya says she will as to be a good bahu, one needs to be smart and not a good cook. Rakhi leaves. Vanraj looks at Kavya.

Baa angrily walks to backyard. Bapuji asks her to calm down and asks what happened. Kavya says till now she thought its her house and her opinion matters, but a maid is being hired without her opinion, maide ki katori came just 2 days ago and started taking her own decisions without seeking her opinion, Anu was the right bahu of this house, elders need respect and realization that they are still humans and not furniture, Kavya made her a furniture from MIL. Anu walks in and says her place is not only in the house but in the heart also and will always be, she knows Baa is hurt, but it is also Kavya’s house now and let her do whatever she wants to.

Baa says how can she let Kavya force a maid on her. Anu says she should think that her son will get a hot food on time and everyone has right to think about themselves. Baa says Kavya should have took her opinion. Anu says if she wants others to listen to her, even she has to listen to others; she says she doesn’t consider Kavya as her bahu, but wants her to obey like a bahu. Baa asks not to advocate Kavya. Anu says her son will get hot Gujrati dishes daily. Baa says she is right, Kavya will make Vanraj as Vanar raj/monkey else and says she will spy on maid sitting on her swinger.

Kavya hugs Vanraj from behind and asks if he is tired. Vanraj remembering interview says it was a bad day. Kavya says even Dholakia yelled at her, she wanted to throw resignation on his face, but controlled herself as getting a new job is difficult and Vanraj doesn’t have job on top of it; says she feels peace in his arms. He asks if she will not ask how did his interview go. She asks how was it. He says when he has to forcefully inform her, there is no use of it. She thinks she thought women are sensitive, but men are more sensitive than them.

Toshu tells Kinjal that Rakhi mummy is right that she should concentrate on her career instead of keeping herself busy in kitchen. She says she and mummy will manage till Jhilmil comes. He says she can spend more time with him if she hires a full-time maid. She asks if he thinks she doesn’t give him time and asks if mom said him something. He says mom is worried for her. She kisses him. He gets romantic and holds her. She says she needs to go to kitchen. She jokes that she accepts Samar baba’s gyaan.

Samar sees Anu decorrating her room wall with cards and says she is acting like typical middle class and should think big if she wants to become big. He asks why is she preparing toffees. She says its for her school kids as return gift and they are healthy home made toffees. He sings Teri Meri Aisi Judgayi Kahani and shows decorative lighs near her bed. She gets happy. He dances with her. Vanraj passes by and watches their enjoyment. Anu walks behind him and says everything will be alright; just like good days don’t stay long, bad says don’t stay long; she knows its difficult to say but follow, she just wants to say that when she can do it, he is much more talented than her and can do it, he shouldn’t lose his hope. He smiles and thinks he will not lose hope and will have to bounce back. Kavya noticing him smiling thinks what did Anu say that he is smiling, she needs to keep a tab on her.


Anupama 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya’s new maid arrogantly says she was told that only 2 people are there, but there are also old people here. Kavya says she should work for only 2 people and tells Baa that her maid Geeta will stay here with them. Toshu and Pakhi discuss that she will spoil their privacy.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
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