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Anupama 18th July 2020 Episode starts with Dolly’s husband getting cream roll for Bapu ji. Bapu ji says your Baa isn’t at home. Jhilmil gets tea for them. Bapu ji praises him. Dolly’s husband goes. Bapu ji says when your Baa goes out, I feel at peace. She smiles and says you do good acting. They see Baa coming. Bapu ji goes to her and asks why did you come so early. Baa says Guru ji’s flight got cancelled. She calls out Anupama. She asks where is Anupama, maybe she went to her Maayka. She complains about Anupama. Anupama comes home. Baa asks did you come from your Maayka. Bapu ji nods to Anupama. Anupama says I didn’t…. Bapu ji lies and asks Leela to go in. He asks Anupama not to worry about Baa. Anupama apologizes to Kanha. She starts cooking. Jhilmil says you get silent in front of Baa. Anupama says yes, I want to talk to her like I talk to my mum, you regard Baa as your mum, she believes you are her bahu, not a daughter.

Anupama says don’t say this, I have to reach Sweety’s school till 9 am. Jhilmil says don’t worry, I will come early and do the work, Bapu ji is there. Anupama says I m scared. Vanraj messages Kavya to wish all the best. He writes I love you. Anupama comes to the room. She keeps an alarm. She wakes up early. Vanraj asks her to apply the balm on her back. She massages his back. He asks her not to give lecture. Samar prepares the kitchen on the terrace. He waits for Anupama. He thinks why didn’t she come. She is with Vanraj. Samar goes and asks where were you. She says your dad had a back ache, he just slept. He asks her to come. They see Baa going to the temple and pray. Anupama asks how did she wake up early today. Samar says it happens in old age. Anupama says don’t say this. He says it happens in teenage. She says don’t say this also. Bapu ji asks what would he say. He asks Samar to take her upstairs. He goes to keep Baa engaged. Baa says Guru ji has kept online Satsang today. Anupama starts cooking. Bapu ji says I will also sit. Baa gets the smell of the food. She goes to see. Bapu ji tries to stop her.

Anupama prepares the food. Samar packs it. He says I will get Varun’s car. He goes. She gets shocked seeing Vanraj. He asks what’s happening. She says I wanted to surprise you and Sweety. He scolds her for not being able to say the school name well. He says your thepla won’t work there, you will embarrass me and Pakhi. She says its fusion, its thepla pizza. He says I know fusion. She says sorry. He says it will be a big mistake to put the stall there, student’s mums are sophisticated, Pakhi will be ashamed to call you mum, you will lose, there is no point in going there, I attend the functions alone, I will attend this alone, I m not your enemy, if people laugh on you, I will feel bad, I m there for Pakhi’s win, she doesn’t need her mum, don’t do the drama again, is that clear. She says yes. He asks her to tell Samar and send the food to old age home. He goes.

She says he is right, how can I go there. Vanraj says Pakhi shouldn’t lose. Kavya says you trust me. He says Anupama wanted to put a food stall, I want Pakhi’s happiness, I know just you can do this. Kavya asks what would I get. He says I gave you myself, what else do you want. Paritosh comes and joins the workout. Vanraj asks for a race. Paritosh says I have knee pain. Vanraj jokes and asks how is your studies going on. He says I just have hope from you and Pakhi, not Samar. Paritosh says I know Samar and mummy are loser gang. Samar says my mum is a winner. Bapu ji says I had to sit in temple for three hours, this time I have a superhit plan. Anupama gets tea. Samar asks her to rush. She says I m not going, Vanraj asked Samar to give food in old age home. Samar asks does dad got to know. She asks him to keep some food for him, the food is nice. Pakhi hugs Anupama and asks for sweets. Anupama says I will make it for you. Pakhi says you are the best mummy. She goes. Anupama says sorry, I wish I could make it proud.

Samar and Bapu ji ask Anupama not to have fear of losing. Bapu ji says my heart will break if you get scared. Samar says think how happy dad will become if you win, its a chance, think what to do now. Anupama says I will go. They get happy. Baa asks will I get breakfast. Pakhi talks to Vanraj. Paritosh says he is my dad first. Bapu ji acts. Samar asks him to not do overacting. Bapu ji says your elder sister is unwell. Vanraj asks what happened to Mausi. Baa worries. Bapu ji says don’t know, you should go and see. Baa cries. Bapu ji asks her to save her tears. He says Leela and I will go and come. Anupama drops a cloth and takes their blessings. They leave. Everyone leaves. Jhilmil asks Anupama to go fast. Samar asks are you ready. Anupama says I have to get ready. She prays to Kanha.


Anupama 20th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama loses confidence. Samar says its time for you to shine. Vanraj gets shocked seeing Anupama at the stall.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2020
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