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Anupama 16th September 2022 Anupama asks Paritosh if the other girl knows that he is already married and was meeting her while his wife is pregnant. She tongue lashes him for not being remorseful for his heinous act. She describes how a woman feels when her husband betrays her, how she felt when Vanraj betrayed her, and says he is Kinjal’s sinner and she will decide his fate.

Paritosh tells Kinjal that Anupama doesn’t know infedility is normal these days, he loves her immensely and as promised to Rakhi, he will never look at any other girl. He says his mother is trying to destroy their married life and they should prove her wrong. Anuj tongue lashes him that he is trying to normalize infidelity and a few men like him are other men’s image.

Anupama thinks Kinjal would be heartbroken with Paritosh’s answers. Kinjal says she will not question him like other women what is missing in her as she knows there is nothing wrong with her love and efforts, asks why did he betray her. Paritosh says men have needs. Leela warns him to have some shame before saying that loudly.

Anupama says let him say that as they try to hide men’s dirt under a carpet and if they had slapped Paritosh since childhood for his mistake, they wouldn’t have to face this day. She says let Paritosh know that his sins are not acceptable by his mother and wife, etc., and breaks down. Anuj comforts her.

Paritosh tells Kinjal it was just a mistake. Kinjal asks what if she makes the same mistake like mummy asked. Paritosh shouts shut up. Kinjal says there are crores of women who live away from their husband due to work need, what if they slip off like men. Toshu shouts again to shut up.

Vanraj warns him to dare not shout at Kinjal. Kinjal says wives don’t even think of such infidelity even if men think of it. She asks what if she get intimate with any random man. Paritosh shouts again. Kinjal asks why he doesn’t feel guilty for his sins. Paritosh says he already told that everything has ended, why she and Paritosh are trying to destroy relationship, why can’t the forget it for once.

Vanraj holds his collar and asks if its a small issue that he wants to forget it. Paritosh asks if he didn’t forget yet. Vanraj says he couldn’t even after giving so many justification and knows that he did wrong with Anupama; he had an arranged unwanted marriage and even then he followed it for 17 years, but Paritosh had infidelity even after having a love marriage.

He says Paritosh left house and stayed in penthouse, but Kinjal never left their house as she wanted to keep the family united, she is 1000% better than professionally, personally, and behaviorally. Paritosh shouts its women’s nature to exacerbate things, Vanraj should know that men have physical needs. Vanraj gives him a tight slap and asks if he is teaching his father about physical needs, he should die in shame.

Kavya says she and V hid their affair as they knew they were wrong, asks Rakhi why she wanted to hid it when her daughter is wronged here instead of exposing Toshu. She says being an educated and profession women, Rakhi hid the truth while Anupama exposed it. Rakhi says she hide it as she is a mother. Kavya says she is not a mother but a woman at least. Rakhi asks why she broke another woman’s house then.

Anupama asks them to stop their fight and asks Kinjal to take a decision now. Rakhi asks if she wants to break her son and DIL’s marriage instead of giving a second change to her son. Anupama Paritosh does mistakes since childhood and seeks forgiveness, then he makes bigger mistakes; its high time that they punish his mistake.

Leela supports Paritosh and asks Anupama not to exacerbate the issue when Paritosh is truly repenting for his sin and wants to correct himself. Anupama says women like her normalise men’s sin and blame other women even if they do a small mistake. Rakhi continues to blame Anupama and justifies her act of hiding Paritosh’s sin to save his marriage.

Anupama explains her mistake with an example. Arya starts crying. Kinjal stops Paritosh from holding her and cries holding Aryan. Paritosh says they can talk alone and reconcile. Leela and Rakhi ask Kinjal to think bout her daughter once before taking any decision. Anupama says a wife is wronged and hence only wife will take a decision and not a mother.


Anupama 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kinjal decides to leave Paritosh saying she doesn’t want her daughter to get Paritosh’s sanskars. Vanraj says Paritosh will leave the house and not Kinjal and kicks Paritosh out of the house. Paritosh shouts at Anupama that he will never forgive her.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
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