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Anupama 15th November 2022 Pakhi asks Adhik why is he creating an issue for a simple thing, what is wrong if she took some jewelry. Adhik says its 60 lakhs rs jewelry. Pakhi says its from Barkha’s friend’s shop and they can pay anytime they want to. Adhik asks how will they make payment. Kavya, Kinjal, Dolly, and Devika dance no Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba.. song. Everyone clap for them.

Barkha and Ankush then dance on Disco Deewane.. song. Leela comments that today she realized Barkha can not only make people cancer, but also dance herself. Kinjal asks her to dance better than Barkha. Anupama notices Adhik and Pakhi’s argument and walks towards them, but stops when guests interact with her.

Adhik tells Pakhi that he doesn’t have any savings or he ears so much that he can afford 60 lakhs worth jewelry for him, he wanted to share a good news with her that his monthly salary is 1 lakhs rs now. Pakhi asks if he is getting happy for that. Adhik says is because this is his first proper job.

Pakhi asks if he is sure he is Barkha’s real brother as he has very small dreams and simple thinking, how will they live with 1 lakh rs. Adhik asks if they will have gold and silver paranthas. Pakhi says she can’t even get a designer bag with 1 lakhs rs, he should seek partnership from Anuj. Adhik asks on what basis, what is his credibility,

he should be thankful to Anuj that he gave him such a good career start. Pakhi says he is underestimating himself, he is Anuj and Anupama’s son-in-law now and they trust him more than Barkha and Ankush, he should dream big and stop thinking small. Anupama hears their conversation.

Hasmukh and Leela dance on Saath Samandar Paar Main Tere Peeche Peeche Aagayi.. song. Jignesh joins them. Everyone clap after their performance. Samar says all the performances are over, its time for dhamaal. Everyone start dancing on a Punjabi song.. Anupama notice Adhik and Pakhi dancing superficially. Pakhi takes Barkha aside and says Adhik is upset regarding jewelry issue.

Barkha says her brother has gone on Ankush instead of her, Pakhi shouldn’t sacrifice her dreams and once she starts compromising, she will have to compromise her whole life. She says her friends want to see her jewelry and takes her to her friends. Anupama follows her.

Pakhi tells Barkha’s friends that her middle class mother had ruined her prewedding functions, but Anuj and Barkha managed it. A friend says Pakhi is lucky that she is a Kapadia bahu. Another friend says Adhik is not a Kapadia and just works in Adhik’s company. Pakhi says just for experience,

Adhik knows that he needs to start his own business or become Anuj’s partner to maintain her standards. Friend says a mother who is not ready to spend on her daughter’s wedding would never give partnership to her SIL. Barkha says her more surely will as whenever she gets adamant, everyone has to bend and she just followed a rich man like her mother; her mother lectures her on saving money and valuing it, but herself married a rich man and became Kapadia empire’s owner overnight; everyone dream of becoming rich, what is wrong if she also dreams to become rich; giving lectures to others is easy, but difficult to follow.

She continues that her mother feels insecure with her entry and how ever her mother tries to stop Adhik, Anuj will make Adhik his business partner for sure; she didn’t marry Adhik for money, but why not if she is getting money as a bonus and a shortcut to become rich is by marrying a rich boy; she is technically following her mother and is not wrong. Barkha says she is right. Pakhi gets Samar’s call and walks out. Anupama overhears all her conversation and walks away holding her hand.

Barkha notices that and smirks thinking a new drama would start now. Anupama takes Pakhi to a room. Anuj searches for Anupama and asks Barkha. Barkha says there was some problem in Pakhi’s dress, Anupama is fixing it. She thinks she will not let anyone set off the fire she lit.

Pakhi yells at Anupama arrogantly. Anupama gives her a tight slap and says her mother can even slap her; a mother can pamper her child and can even slap if she gets out of control. Pakhi throws things around and shouts why she slapped her. Anupama says she got 100 reason to be slapped. Pakhi shouts what did she do.

Anupama warns her to lower her voice and says she herself knows what all she did and recalls all the incidents. She says she forgave Pakhi repeatedly being a mother, but when Pakhi didn’t learn from her mistakes, she will not tolerate her mistakes anymore; Pakhi is already married, they were celebrating even after that as they love her more, but all the functions are cancelled from this moment. Barkha thinks she lit fire between daughter and mother and couldn’t watch the drama, anyways she will get a chance each day. Pakhi requests Anupama not to cancel her wedding. Anupama gets adamant.


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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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