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Anupama 14th September 2022 Anupama confronts Toshu for his arrogant and irresponsible reply. Toshu arrogantly says he doesn’t want to argue with her, he has forgotten whatever happened and moved on, even she should forget it and move and shouldn’t act a rebel and break his marriage like she broke her marriage as he got a baby just now. Anupama asks if he wants to hide his sin.

He says mothers hide even a murder, she can do at least this for her son. He wipes her tears and asks her to come acting as nothing happened. Rakhi walks in. Toshu orders even her that she heard everything and like she is maintaining silence, she should convince even Anupama to maintain silence for the same reason. He corrects his hair and rejoins family. Leela asks where was he for so long.

Anuj asks if everything is alright. Toshu says Anupama was giving her lecture on parenthood and then Rakhi joined her. Leela says its good she didn’t give her 5-page lecture in front of everyone. Everyone laugh hearing that. Barkha and Ankush think something has happened for sure and they should see if they can benefit out of it.

Rakhi apologizes Anupama for hiding truth. Anupama says she repeatedly asked her what happened, but she didn’t. Rakhi says she kept quiet for her daughter and granddaughter’s sake. Anupama asks if she wants her to hide truth. Rakhi says yes, she got angry when she heard about Toshu’s infidelity and wanted to punish him, but when she saw Arya’s face,

she changed mind; she is a mother and doesn’t want her daughter to suffer and hence chose Kinjal’s happiness instead of her anger; even she went through same and spared her husband for her daughter’s sake as she didn’t want her daughter to be without a father;

it’s difficult to raise a child alone and she doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same; when a wall is stained, it shouldn’t be broken and instead repainted; Toshu has promised to reform himself.

Anupama asks if she wants them to betray Kinjal. Rakhi says their truth twill destroy Kinjal’s life, they cannot snatch a father from a daughter. Anupama asks how can they hide such a big truth from Kinjal as she will find out some day and will curse herself like her for not realizing her husband’s betrayal. Rakhi says a lie which benefits someone is better than a truth.

Anupama says she loves Kinjal a lot and cannot see anything wrong happening to Kinjal and Arya. Rakhi says Kinjal is not strong like Anupama and will break down. Anupama asks what if Kinjal finds out larger.

Rakhi says they will handle it then and promises to control Toshu and his girlfriend. She says this is not the first time happening in the world, women face infediity be it rich or poor, 99% men are same and only 1% like Toshu are caught. Shhe continues to plead not to reveal truth for the sake of Kinjal’s happiness.

Shahs enjoy game while Pakhi and Adhik enjoy sweets in a corner. Anupama walks out of room recalling Toshu and Rakhi’s words. She looks at Toshu sitting with Kinjal and clicking selfie with family and recalls Vanraj’s affair with Kavya. She cries loudly and breaks down. She then thinks she cannot let Kinjal become another Anupama, but can she stop her from becoming Anupama.


Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Toshu promises Kinjal to be the world’s best husband and father, asks her not to doubt him when he comes home late, he will never betray her. Anupama warns him to have some shame at least.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2022
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