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Anandibaa Aur Emily 4th October 2022 Episode starts with everyone looking for the diamond. They say its not there. Gunjan says the dog was there. Anandi says he ate the diamond. Gulab says I will ask him. He goes and talks to the dog. Anandi says ask him if he ate my diamond. Gulab says it’s a good news.

She says it means he didn’t eat the diamond. He says I wasn’t getting the 100rs note, now I remember where I kept it. He says don’t pressurize me, I need time to find out. Anandi asks Emily to make the puppy out.

Aarav says no, your diamond is there in his tummy. Gunjan says Emily knew you are scared of dogs and even then she got a dog, but you can’t make her out. Anandi says I didn’t ask to oust Emily. Aarav says we have to get the diamond out of the dog’s tummy. Anandi says its because of Emily.

Emily says puppy had no place to stay. Aarav says you also have sympathy for others. She says no dog can enter this house, just get the diamond and make the puppy out. Jaman puts the posters. He says we will find the dog owner now. Aarav calls him. Jaman says I m getting many orders for posters. Aarav says just find out, the puppy ate the diamond. Jaman says wait. Aarav disconnects.

Emily says the dog ate the diamond. Kanha jokes. He says don’t worry, we can’t change what’s written, whatever happens is for the good, you wanted the dog to not get ousted, now he will be here because he ate the diamond. She asks is this your Leela, whatever happens is for own good.

Pinky says my dream broke. Gunjan says I think there is something wrong in your kundali. Pinky says you don’t worry for me, I m dying here to settle down, you make bad plans. Gunjan says you know I try hard to help you. She slaps herself and cries. Pinky stops her.

Gulab and Aaghya try to find ways to get the diamond out of the puppy’s tummy. Pinky says the dog didn’t eat anything. Aaghya says I had got the biscuits for you, but Gulab ate that. Anandi gets the jeweller’s call. He asks are you sending the locket. He says yes, my son is bringing it. She asks what shall I do. Gunjan says you have the haldi milk. Aaghya asks Anandi to feed the dog.

Anandi worries. Emily gets the dog biscuits. Gulab takes it. She says its for the dog. He says my respect here is like a dog. Anandi and Gunjan look on. Gunjan says Emily ordered the biscuits for the dog, she is spending a lot on the puppy, but she is doing a good deed. Anandi says I m feeling dizzy.

Aaghya says Emily called a doctor for mum’s checkup. Emily says no, its for the dog. Anandi and Gulab argue. Doctor says my fees is 5000rs. Anandi gets dizzy. Aaghya says inject her, she is fainting. She says no, just give the injection to the dog. Gulab says I will help the doctor. He gets injected by mistake. He screams. Emily gets the diamond in the vase and says I got this.

She gives the diamond to Anandi. Gulab scolds the doctor. Aarav and Emily smile. Anandi says I got my mum’s diamond back. She asks Aaghya to take the diamond to the jewellery’s store. She asks Aarav to take the puppy out. Gulab comes and says the jeweller has run away with everyone’s gold. Aarav says it means we got saved. Emily and Aarav say whatever happens is for the good.

Aarav says dog stopped us and the diamond got saved, shall we keep the dog here. Gulab jokes. Emily and Aarav say please let him stay. Anandi thanks the puppy and says I got my mum’s gift, my diamond back, dogs are human’s best friends. Aarav asks can he stay here. She says yes, if he wants, he can stay here.

Jaman gets Harish, the dog owner. Aarav says everyone was happy and you came to take the puppy, we all love it, can we keep it. Harish says I wish, but my daughter loves it and wants it back, sorry. Anandi says I m feeling bad, we can’t be selfish, I think we should send the puppy back.

Emily says alright, take the puppy, will you bring it to meet us. He says yes, thanks for taking care of it, we will come anytime you say. He leaves. Anandi says I will miss the cutie pie whenever I see any dog. Gulab says you can treat me like a dog. She smiles.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi sees Emily and asks why are you jumping. Emily says I have to give you a good news, but its Aarav’s first right. Gunjan congratulates Anandi for becoming a Dadi again.

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Telecast Date:4th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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