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Anandibaa Aur Emily 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 4th August 2022 Episode starts with Anandi lying to Jaibala. Gunjan asks Emily to come here and serve the jaggery to Jaibala. Aarav asks Emily to stop and go right. He instructs her and helps her serve the food to Jaibala.

Gunjan goes. She calls Pinky. She asks is everything ready. Pinky says yes, the fan is ready, signal me and I will switch on the fan. Gunjan says I can’t see you, I can’t signal, I will call you and ask you to switch on the fan.

Aaghya comes to Aarav and says Jaibala can miss the train, talk to Bansi. Aarav says I can’t talk right now. Jaibala asks Emily won’t she serve the dish. Aarav talks to Bansi. Emily hears him and makes mistake. She puts the food on the table, instead the plate. Anandi worries. Jaibala asks what’s happening, Anandi.

Anandi asks Gunjan why is Emily putting the food outside the plate. Aarav sees this and worries. Gunjan says its Emily’s value, she puts the food aside for the ancestors also, you know our ancestors, they used to ask for much food, Emily’s heart is very big, she will give them much food. Jaibala says wow Anandi,

you got a diamond bahu. Anandi says Gunjan is my real diamond. Aarav says sorry Emily, focus now. He guides her. Emily serves the food well this time. Anandi smiles. Pinky gets Gunjan’s call. She switches on the fan. Gunjan smiles and acts, asking who has switched on he fan. Emily holds the ghunghat. Pinky runs and the wire gets pulled. The fan gets unplugged. Gunjan goes and scolds Pinky.

Pinky says I came to see everyone’s faces. Gunjan says go and switch on the fans. Pinky goes. Jaibala says Emily has served the food so well. Pinky hits the switch box. She gets electrocuted. Gunjan is shocked. She takes Pinky to the room and takes care of her. Pinky says my body is shivering. Gunjan says I will touch your feet today,

stop thinking, stop using your brain, your brain are your own enemy. Anandi calls Gunjan. She says Jaibala is leaving, come downstairs. Pinky says you couldn’t expose Emily. Gunjan says I have put four fans more, Emily will come downstairs and now her ghunghat will fly off, come, it will be fun. She goes dancing. Aye hava….plays…

Anandi comes. Gunjan says I answered Jaibala because of your blessings. She takes Anandi’s blessings. Anandi says but Jaibala didn’t go till now. Aaghya says Jaibala is leaving. Anandi says you are leaving so soon. Gunjan says come soon, it looks good. Jaibala says Emily didn’t come to see off.

Anandi calls Emily. She does Jaibala’s aarti. She asks Emily to take Jaibala’s blessings. Pinky says its good, Gunjan will switch on the fan, she is the best, really cunning. Gunjan switches on the fans. Emily’s ghunghat flies off. Everyone is shocked. Gunjan says I will make moong dal halwa today. She dances. Pinky says Emily will leave and I will come here as Choti Bahu.

Everyone sits down and apologizes to Jaibala. Emily hides her face. Jaibala screams and says sindoor went in my eyes, I can’t see anything. Everyone gets relieved. Aarav puts the ghunghat on Emily’s face. Anandi asks didn’t you see the bahu. Jaibala says no, think of my eyes. Anandi gives water to Jaibala.

Gulab asks Jaibala to wash her face. Gulab jokes on the fans around. Anandi asks him to cut the fans wires. Gunjan goes to terrace. Pinku says I had kept a fast for Aarav, you broke my dream. Gunjan asks what did I do in this. Pinky says I will leave from this house, I want a train ticket today. Gunjan laughs. Pinky says you are so happy that I m leaving, stay happy. Gunjan says stop this drama, I m happy for some other reason, I got a superb idea, wait.

Jaibala says sindoor is burning my eyes, but next time, you have to come to my house, Jamnagar. Anandi says sure. She asks Aaghya to drop Jaibala inside the train. Gunjan takes the ticket from Jaibala’s purse. She thinks how will she go without the ticket, she will catch Emily and then send her to US.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan reveals Emily’s face. Jaibala scolds Anandi. She asks Anandi does she love Gondal or her son.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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