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Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying you should have told this before. Gunjan shows the album to Anandi. Anandi says Emily isn’t drinking in any pic. Gunjan says she is so clever.

Aarav comes and asks Anandi to have kada. She refuses. He says Kalindi Maasi is coming to Gondal. She asks what. He says she is going to stay in Jaman’s hotel. She asks really. He says yes. She says she is doing this to irritate me, I don’t want to see that Kalindi’s face.

Gunjan smiles and says we got Anandi’s weakness, I will irritate Anandi by fooling Emily. She laughs. Aarav reads a news and gets angry. He says I couldn’t go to America till now. Emily comes. He says your pagphere rasam is pending. She says I miss the people there, but I have a family here and culture, I love it.

She says that kada was good. She goes. He says I got saved. Gunjan sees Pinky coming with the hair ribbon. She asks why are you wearing Kalindi’s ribbon. Pinky asks why were you giving this beautiful ribbon to Emily. Gunjan says Anandi wont leave you. Anandi sees this and shouts on Pinky. She scolds Pinky. Gunjan says forgive her. Anandi scolds her also and goes.

Gunjan says you spoiled everything. Pinky says we got to know that Anandi hates Kalindi a lot. Gunjan says yes, if Emily gets Kalindi here, then Anandi won’t let her stay here. Anandi gets emotional and asks why did you do this with me, I don’t forget anything.

Gulab asks Aaghya to have food. Aaghya says I have to take mum’s permission. Payal asks why did Gunjan gather us here. Emily comes. Pinky says she has come. Gunjan says control yourself. Gunjan shouts aloud and says Anandi’s sister is coming to Gondal, but she won’t stay here. Aaghya asks why are you talking aloud, why are you telling this now.

Gunjan asks him not to ask. She says Kalindi will stay in Jaman’s hotel, not here. Emily asks what happened. Gunjan asks when did you come. She tells Emily about Anandi and Kalindi’s fight. She says Kalindi is staying in hotel. Emily says its good, else she will come here and fight again. Gunjan says no, we should end their fight and unite them, Anandi misses her a lot, I can’t tell you. Emily says please tell me. Gunjan says I will tell you, come.

She says when Anandi got to know this, she was murmuring in sleep, that she misses Kalindi, she wanted to hug her and apologizes, if you get Kalindi, then their fight will end. Emily says it means Anandi will get happy if anyone gets Kalindi. She smiles. Aarav says no Emily, forget it. She says sisters have fights, we should unite them. He says no, don’t think of it.

She gets confused and calls Kanha. He comes and asks why do you always call me. She tells about Anandi and Kalindi’s fights. He says it happens since ages, fights between in blood relations. She says I have no one, siblings shouldn’t fight. He says this fights will go on till there is ego in the relations. She says I want to end their fight, but I m scared, Anandi can get upset.

He says deeds are in your hand, don’t think of the outcome and just do the right deed. He leaves. She thanks him. She says I will unite them now. Gunjan laughs. She says I m happy. Pinky says if Emily brings Kalindi and unites Anandi and Kalindi, then Anandi will praise Emily.

Gunjan says no, I know Anandi’s anger, she will get angry, we will do a drama and blame Emily. Kalindi comes to Jaman’s hotel. He greets her and says I was waiting for you since morning, you are Aarav’s Maasi, you are like my Maasi also.

Kalindi scolds him. Jaman says room is getting ready, I will get food for you. She refuses. He asks shall I get tomato soup for you. She recalls Anandi’s words. She says I left having the tomato soup, it reminds me of someone who stays in Anandi. Emily comes and says I m Aarav’s wife, your bahu.

Kalindi blesses her. she says you are so beautiful, your eyes are so nice. Emily says I have to talk something imp. Kalindi says I won’t step in that house. Emily insists her to come home with her for her sake. Kalindi says no. She says I have sworn that I won’t step in Anandi’s house.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily gets Kalindi home and surprises her. Anandi and Kalindi get against.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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