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Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th October 2022  Episode starts with Riddhi saying I need some time to think. Aarav asks how can Mridula do this, doesn’t she trust Riddhi. Payal says Mridula made this contract, she said such clauses is there in every contract, its about Aarav and Emily’s lives, one crore is nothing.

Pinky cries and says I had many dreams of bidaai, you have made me a thief instead the house bahu. Gunjan also cries. She says stay here in my friend’s house like a queen, no need to do any work. Pinky asks what will I do here. Gunjan says Emily and Aarav will have to cry, I will separate them, and prepare for your marriage,

I will hurt them more, its my promise. Payal says Riddhi didn’t sign the contract, because of the clause. Jaman asks why one crore. Payal says Mridula said she doesn’t trust anyone, even I don’t trust Riddhi. He says Riddhi is my childhood friend, she is a nice girl. She says we will see if she signs the contract or not. He says I will spy and find out. She says get the details of her dad’s hospital stay.

Aarav says we shouldn’t make Riddhi sign the contract, she is my friend, we trust her. Emily says Mridula worries a lot for me. They have icecreams and laugh. Gunjan sees them and clicks their pic. She gets angry. Anandi reads the horoscope and shouts to call Aaghya. she tells the horoscope. She asks where is Gunjan. He says she went to drop Pinky. She asks about Aarav. He says I don’t know.

She says I will call the pandit and get Aarav married to someone, his relation with Emily can join again, I can’t tolerate this. He says calm down, trust Lord, everything will be fine. Gunjan says you look cute this way, you are with Emily here. Aarav asks why do you ask. She says you are playing good games. She shows the pic to him and warns him.

Gunjan says Anandi will kick you out of the house after I show this to her. Aarav takes her phone and deletes the pic. She asks for her phone. He says pics are deleted, what will you show to mummy now. She laughs and says you are so innocent, you think I m so foolish, I had already sent the pics to Pinky, when I used to plan and make Emily out,

I wished to do garba, I was helpless to pretend, now you know the truth, I can dance now, I have to go and fill Anandi’s ears. Emily says Anandi will get angry. Aarav says no, we will handle this and defeat Gunjan. Gunjan comes home crying. Anandi asks what happened.

Gunjan says our family is cheating us, I lost faith on this world. Anandi says you are in shock by Pinky’s cheat, we made her out of the house. Gunjan says no, its someone else. Anandi asks who. Gunjan says I will tell you, sit, you will get dizzy hearing this. She shows her the pic. She says Aarav is still with Emily. She cries.

Anandi asks what’s happening, what sins did I do that I m seeing this day, calm down, you will get unwell if you cry, then who will take care of me. Aarav comes home. Gunjan says I wasn’t telling you to make you scold Aarav, but any outsider can tell this to you, you made Pinky out of the house, don’t make Aarav out. Anandi says I feel unwell. Aarav asks Anandi to sit. Gunjan gets water for Anandi.

Gunjan says Aarav, you didn’t do right to mess with me. He asks her to show the pic. He says this shirt is different, its an old pic. He says I have changed your game, you should not underestimate yourself. She says this pic is of today, my friend said she has seen them today. Aarav calls Riddhi inside.

He says Riddhi was upset that she was blamed for theft, she was going to end her life, I was with her, I saved her life and got married to her. Anandi and Gunjan are shocked. He says this is the only way to prove that she isn’t a thief, I liked Riddhi, you also wanted this, this was the only way to make Emily out of our life. Anandi makes Riddhi out of the door. Payal says we can go inside the hospital and find out about Riddhi’s dad.

Jaman says my known person Shambu is getting the register here, Riddhi might know about our enquiry if we go inside the hospital. Shambu comes with the register. Jaman says Maganlal Shah. Shambu says there is no one of this name. Jaman asks sure and bribes him. Shambu says I will find out. He calls the doctor and says there is no one of this name. He goes. He says Riddhi lied.

Aarav says I don’t understand, I should go to Riddhi or mum. He asks Gunjan not to blackmail him, if anything happens to Anandi, then it won’t be good. Gunjan says you made my Pinky out, you started this game, Anandi will make you out of the house. Anandi gets the grahpravesh bowl and aarti plate. She welcomes Riddhi, saying its not Riddhi’s mistake. Riddhi enters the house. Aarav thinks I will bring Emily home soon.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan asks is Aarav your husband or your contract husband, I understand everything, you take an advantage of them, I will support you, join hands with me. Riddhi thinks.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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