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Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Gopi saying we have to go and follow the spirit. They all follow Emily. He says Emily left, the spirit is still here. He acts and says spirit went to the kitchen.

Pinky says I have locked the door. Gopi says its not easy to catch the spirit, spirit just went out, the danger isn’t away. Gunjan says sorry, shall I ask something, can Emily’s spirit kill us. He says yes, Emily shouldn’t know that you all know this, else she will kill you. Anandi asks him to find a solution.

He says we will ask Kanha. Aarav and Jaman come. Aarav asks who is he. Jaman says he is miraculous Gopi baba. Gopi says I will give a solution if you give two gold bangles, don’t worry, I m here, I will go, remember me. He goes. Aarav asks what solution are you asking. Pinky says spirit. He asks what. Gunjan says for house peace. He says fine and goes.

Aaghya talks silly. Anandi sends him. Gunjan says you make Emily out, the spirit will also go away. Anandi says we will do as baba tells us. Emily calls Kanha. She asks why are you getting the marbles fixed by taking money. He asks what’s the matter. She asks why did you take money from Gopi baba.

He says I didn’t. She says he said you were talking to him. He says no, I don’t appear to someone who plays with people’s emotions by taking my name, I asked you to know about that baba. She says he is fraud, I will break his head, I m sorry, I got angry, stop him.

He says you can bring his truth out, time will come. She says he will loot Anandi. He asks her to wait for the right time. Jaman compliments Aarav. Aarav says I have an interview, they will select me. Jaman asks him to meet Gopi. Aarav says I don’t believe this. Jaman praises Gopi.

Emily says Gopi is Anandi’s Guru, I have no proof, what shall I do. Anandi sees Emily with a knife in hand. She gets scared and runs shouting to Gunjan. Emily asks what happened. Gunjan says she has come to kill you, talk to her with love. Anandi asks Emily to spare her. Gunjan says Anandi is just joking.

Emily says she looks so cute. Anandi asks her to go and sleep. Emily says Gopi is fooling people, he might not be seeing Krishna, so leave him. Gunjan says spirit is saying this. Anandi says fine, just go. Emily says you are really good. She goes. Anandi says we have to go to Gopi baba tomorrow. Gulab,

Jaman and Aarav also come to meet Gopi. Gulab asks for a cheap offer. Gopi asks Gulab to leave. Aarav says I don’t believe all this. Jaman says you will get visa. Aarav says we are getting fooled. Jaman says talk in low tune, come with me, we will make bangles and come. They see Anandi and leave.

Anandi asks did you find any solution. Gopi says we will ask Kanha. He starts fooling Anandi. Gunjan laughs. Gopi says your ring is good. Anandi gives it to him. Gopi says go home and use this coconut to cage the spirit in it. Anandi smiles. Gunjan thinks Anandi should feel that the spirit isn’t getting away, then my motive will get fulfilled. Emily says I have to make Anandi know the truth.

She sees a cockroach and gets scared. Payal comes. Emily says I told Aarav to get the cockroach repellent, I will call him. She calls Aarav. He asks are you missing me. She says yes, I m scared of cockroach. He says I came here to take the repellent. Anandi and Gunjan come home. Gunjan asks her to make Emily out of the house. They hear Emily. Anandi imagines Emily trying to shoot her. She says I feel scared.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi shouts no.

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Telecast Date:27th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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