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Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Pinky saying I just applied the nail polish, it will get spoilt. Emily prays that the truth wins. Riddhi says you are really good, the Lord will listen to you. Payal says yes, the truth will come out, you might have another plan B. Emily says no, it was the last one.

Riddhi says it will work in the third time. Payal asks did your plan work. Riddhi says yes, many times. Payal says my plan always flops. Riddhi says don’t scare Emily. Payal prays for Emily. Aarav gets a call. He asks what are you saying, if the thief becomes a witness and tells the truth, will you forgive him.

Gunjan signs no to Pinky. She says it’s a trap, we don’t have to get trapped, put your hands. Pinky says no, I won’t put my hands, I know the water will get red. They all look at her. Gunjan worries. Pinky says because I have done the robbery. Anandi asks what. Pinky says I have itching, but I didn’t steal the money, its not my mistake. Aarav asks whose mistake is it. She says actually…

Gunjan says its my mistake. Aarav and Jaman smile. Gunjan worries. Emily says they didn’t call yet. Payal says yes, you told them to call you when Gunjan gets caught. Payal gets a message. She checks it. She reads the useless message. Emily gets the message and says thief got caught.

Payal dances. Riddhi looks upset. Aaghya asks Gunjan to answer, is she behind the theft. Aarav asks did you support Pinky. Gunjan says its my mistake to get Pinky home, I m not involved in this. She beats Pinky and says you cheated everyone, even me. She acts.

Aarav says Pinky can’t do this alone, just tell the truth. Jaman scares Pinky of police. Gunjan scolds Pinky. Pinky cries. Gunjan asks her to just leave the house, and return the stolen money. She takes Pinky with her. She says just do as I say. Anandi and everyone go. Jaman says Gunjan changed the game, do you have any plan B. Emily asks Riddhi why are you packing your bags.

Riddhi says I don’t need to do any work here. Emily gives the cheque. Payal says Mridula has given this for your dad’s treatment. Emily says we really want to help you. Riddhi says you are so nice, Aarav is very lucky. Emily gets the showpiece in her bag. Riddhi says I don’t know how this came in my bag, its good you got it, else you would have thought I have stolen it. Emily says no,

I would not think like that. Anandi asks how can’t you know about Pinky’s crime, its good we got the money, they went to give the money to Jaman’s dad, Pinky would have robbed the house many times, I was going to get Aarav married to him.

Anandi and Aaghya get angry. Anandi says it means Pinky had stolen the NGO money and blamed Riddhi. Gunjan apologizes to them. She gets itching. Anandi asks the reason for itching. Gunjan says I held Pinky’s hand and got itching. She lies.

Aarav talks to Emily and everyone. He says Gunjan didn’t get caught, she is very sharp, she has put the entire blame on Pinky, she got saved, we have to proceed with our old plan. Emily says we have no time to think of anything new. He says we will get Riddhi here, I have to fake marriage with Riddhi and make her behave bad in front of mum,

I will come tomorrow and make a new plan. Gunjan says Pinky, the itching will end in 8 hours, you got trapped. Pinky asks do you want to make me out of the house, I got trapped, you got saved. Gunjan says I promise, I will make you the Choti bahu of this house. Pinky gets upset and blames her. Gunjan bites her hand and scolds her. She says Aarav and Emily proved you a thief.

Aarav meets Emily. He says I don’t feel happy without you. Riddhi comes and consoles him. He says we have just seen problems since our marriage. She says you are lucky to fight this battle together, ask those who do this alone. He says you are saying like you love someone, he isn’t with me, tell us. She says no,

you talk about yourself, I feel Gunjan will spoil our plan. Payal comes and asks Riddhi to sign the contract paper, Mridula has sent this from her lawyer. Riddhi asks what contract. Payal says marriage contract. Aarav says she will call later. Payal says no, it should be done on time. Riddhi says there is a clause, if I deny this contract, then I have to give one crore.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Riddhi come home. Aarav says I have saved Riddhi’s life and got married to her. Anandi ousts Riddhi in anger.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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