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Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Gunjan acting and signing Pinky to throw the ring in the dung. Anandi asks what’s happening. Gunjan takes the ring from Pinky’s hand. She puts it in the cow dung. She says I got the ring. Anandi smiles.

Emily says but I had checked. Anandi asks did you check this cow dung. Emily says yes. Anandi asks how did Gunjan did it, then. Gunjan says you can’t trust this machine, its not working. She acts dizzy. She says we will go home, come. Emily thanks the watchman and gives the metal detector back.

Anandi asks Gulab what is he doing. He says I m sowing something, its Beej tomorrow, Parimal asked me to sow something. Anandi says good you told me, I will ask Emily to keep the fast tomorrow.

Gunjan washes her hands. Pinky says congrats. Gunjan asks her to go. Pinky shows the anklet she has stolen from Anandi’s cupboard. Gunjan says you have stolen 14 items till now, don’t talk aloud, when we get a chance, I will hide this where no one knows about it. Maid comes and takes a selfie with them.

Pinky asks did Anandi get to know about the silver anklet. Maid asks what. Gunjan scolds Pinky. She sends the maid. She goes to Anandi. Pinky acts foolish.

Anandi says its first Beej for Emily tomorrow, she has to keep a fast, she will have to keep our rasams. Kanchan says it’s a tough fast. Anandi says she has to keep the fast, when I have accepted her as my bahu, else she will have to bear the punishment.

Gunjan says you asked me to leave the house for the first and last time, it means Emily has to leave the house if she makes a mistake. Anandi asks Kanchan to call Emily. Aarav talks to Jaman about his American dream. Emily comes. She rests on Aarav’s shoulder. Ishq wala love….plays….

She says I stay busy and never have time for you, you are my husband, I want to win your heart. He asks don’t you miss America. She says no, I have no one here, my world is here, I have to make a place in everyone’s heart.

Gunjan says she won’t get a place in the house. Pinky asks why are you smiling like a naagin. Gunjan says I m happy. Pinky does garba. Gunjan says I will oust Emily. Aarav says you tied the shoes together. Emily says we will also stay together, no separation. Gunjan comes to Anandi.

She scares Anandi telling of some lady’s son ousting her from the house for a girl’s love. Anandi imagines Emily asking Aarav to oust her. Anandi says I know Aarav will never ask me to leave the house, you have to choose between her and me. Aarav chooses Anandi. He asks how did you think you will make my mummy out.

Anandi smiles. He says mum raised me, Emily can’t snatch me from you, you are the most imp for me. He laughs and says I won’t say this, get out. He pushes her out of the house. Aarav and Emily make Anandi out of the house. Aarav asks Anandi to get out. Anandi says you can’t make me out.

Emily says don’t shout in front of my house, get out of here. Anandi cries. Her dream ends. Gunjan says come out of the imagination. Emily comes to Anandi. She says you called me, Baa. Anandi says its Beej tomorrow, you have to keep the Kul Sindoori Devi fast. Emily asks what’s that. Gunjan says divine fasting.

Emily says it means dieting, that’s good, healthy, I m ready. Gunjan says she is insulting the fast. Anandi asks Emily not to joke, fast is kept for husband’s long life. Kanchan explains Emily not to have food and water, then Aarav will live long and happy. Emily asks how will my fasting make him live long, this doesn’t happen.

Anandi says do as I say. Emily asks what’s the connection of my fast and his long life. Anandi says you have to understand this, then you will become one of us, its about faith, customs, devotion and traditions. Emily apologizes. Anandi explains Emily about the fast. Emily says I will do it.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav shouts seeing Emily. Everyone screams seeing Emily’s face covered with red sindoor colour.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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