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Anandibaa Aur Emily 1st August 2022Emily gets inside the house while Anandibaa scolds Gulab and Kanchan for bringing her inside through the front gate. She looks for Jaibala and gets relieved as the latter went to her room.

She ask Emily go to inside her room, while she notify them about the weird behaviour of Aarav and states that she is looking for him.

Kanchan replies that Aarav is inside his room and tries to send Emily upstairs, while the latter notices Jaibala’s presence and ask about her. Anandibaa gets worried and tells that she is dangerous and ask Emily to remain inside her room.

Here, Emily gets suspicious and confronts Anandibaa about the matter, to which latter forces her to go inside the room stating that Aarav is waiting for her. Emily gets anxious after hearing it and rushes inside his room. She determines to confront him about the matter, while Jaibala comes there to say something to Anandibaa.

Gulab and Kanchan hides Emily and sends her upstairs, while Jaibala misses to see her. Anandibaa gets tensed and tries to send Jaibala inside her room, to which latter states that she wants to share her room with Anandibaa. The latter agrees for Jaibala’s condition and ask her to sleep wherever she likes.

Elsewhere, Emily again comes downstairs and proclaims that Aarav is not inside the room, to which Kanchan again lies and tells that he is waiting for her inside his cupboard. Emily gets confused and denies to believe her, but Gulab somehow convinces her and sends her back to the room.

Jaibala again comes back and says that she sometimes snores while sleeping deeply. She ask if Anandibaa will have any problem with it? To which the latter denies and ask Jaibala to stay inside her room only. The latter again goes back, while Emily comes there and says that Aarav is not inside his cupboard also.

Ahead, Anandibaa lies to Emily and again sends her back to the room while she gets suspicious with their behaviour. Whereas, Jaibala also comes there and ask for the tea. She sits on the sofa in order to have it for better sleep, while Gulab and Kanchan keeps a curtain in between Emily and Jaibala.

Emily sees Aarav and goes towards him inside the room and confronts him for his actions. He tries to make some excuses and lies to her that he planned to buy a gift for her. She feels bad for spoiling his surprise, while she again ask a question and he lies to her for that also. She expresses her love for him, while both gets into an eyelock. He holds her hands and tries to keep her inside the room only.

Further, Pinky gets frustrated as their plan didn’t go well. Anandibaa gets worried while trying to hide Emily from Jaibala, while Gunjan comes there and shows her fake concern, while Jaibala misunderstood a maid to be Emily and gives her gifts.

Anandibaa clearifies her confusion, while the latter demands to meet Emily. Anandibaa gets tensed, while Gunjan says that the latter can meet her today on her face revealing ceremony. Anandibaa gets shocked hearing about it.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan plans to reveal Emily’s face in front of Jaibala, while Pinky says that it will happen only when Emily will come in front of Jaibala. Whereas, Emily serves food to Sanghanis and Jaibala, wearing a veil to cover her face. Meanwhile, Gunjan starts a fan and moves it towards Emily, making her veil fly in order to uncover her face. Jaibala sees Emily and gets stunned. She confronts Anandibaa for bringing a foreigner daughter-in-law.

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Telecast Date:1st August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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