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Anandibaa Aur Emily 19th July 2022 Episode starts with Aaghya taking permission from Anandi. She blesses him to stay happy. They hear someone screaming in pain. She asks him what’s happening. Gulab says its my scream of pain.

The men bring Gulab on the cot. They put Gulab down. Kanchan asks what happened to you. Gulab says Parimal Baba said that cow is a Mata, we should pray to the cow, if the cow says yes, then dreams will get fulfilled, I m unfortunate, so I went there to pray, bulbs got stolen, there was darkness,

I was talking to the bull instead a cow, the bull has hit me so much. Anandi and Aaghya laugh. Anandi says ask your dad to buy you an insurance. She jokes on Gulab.

Gunjan asks Emily to check the cow dung and find the ring. Emily asks if the ring isn’t there. Gunjan says go and collect the cow dung. She sends Emily. Emily goes to collect the cow dung. Aarav says I m coming, American embassy. He smiles. He takes the envelope. He collides with Anandi.

The envelopes get missed. Aarav says Jaman and I have some work. She goes. Aarav and Jaman check the envelope. They see Anandi’s sign. Aarav says it means the letters got swapped. He runs after Anandi.

Gunjan asks everyone to see Emily. The people laugh. Gunjan asks Emily to proceed. Emily puts her hand on the cow dung. She looks for the ring. Gunjan and Pinky laugh and enjoy. Aarav tries to take the letter from Anandi.

She says you refused to come, then you came. He says I thought to spend some time with you before going to America. Jaman lies. Emily collects more cow dung. Gunjan says I will make Emily run after the cows. Pinky says wow, you get such dirty ideas. Emily says this is too much, its enough.

Gunjan asks her to stop. Emily says I want to go, I did a big mistake. She goes. Gunjan says she went, I didn’t know she will go so soon. Pinky says we will give the ring to Anandi and give her the ring.

Gunjan says not so soon, we will show Anandi that we did hardwork. Aarav tries to swap the letter. Jaman keeps Anandi engaged in talks. Anandi sees Gunjan and Pinky at the icecream stall. Aarav changes the letter. Anandi asks what are you doing here, when you came to find the ring.

Gunjan says Pinky is doing the work instead Emily, because Emily has run away, she said she is done. Aarav asks why did you get her here. Gunjan says she is a bahu and should learn things, ask Emily to sit in the temple, but she went to America. Aarav asks America, no, this can’t happen.

Gunjan says come with me and see. They go to the temple. Aarav calls out Emily. Gunjan says she said she is going. Anandi asks Gunjan and Pinky to put the hands in the cow dung and give the ring. Pinky says give her the ring, else we have to put the hands in the cow dung.

Anandi asks them to remove their rings and bangles first. They give it Anadi. Gunjan and Pinky put their hands in the dung. Aarav calls out Emily. Emily says I have come back, I will find the ring with this, I will show you how. She says metal detector will show us where is the ring.

Anandi asks who will trust this machine. Emily tries it on Aarav. Aarav and Jaman like it. Emily looks for the ring. The machine beeps near Pinky. Anandi asks why is it sounding near Pinky. Gunjan says because of her jewellery. Anandi says but I already had it. Pinky hides the ring. Anandi asks her to show both her hands.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily says she will never accept me, ask her to leave. Anandi and Emily ask Aarav to choose either of them. Aarav makes Anandi out of the house. He asks her to get out.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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