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Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Gunjan and Pinky laughing seeing Emily. Gunjan says we will give her another dose of fear now, we are doing this to make you marry Aarav, can’t you work hard. Pinky says Emily got more close to him, see they are holding hands, its so romantic.

Gunjan says fine, you go and sleep between them. Pinky says okay. Gunjan says stop, you see dreams for yourself. Pinky says my fate isn’t such. Gunjan says he will hold your hand and marry you, I will make their hands away, you hide here. Gunjan wakes up Aarav and Emily by pouring water on them.

Aarav says Emily was scared in her room, so I got her here. Gunjan says ghost can come anytime. Pinky switches on the torch. Emily shouts ghost. Gunjan scares Emily. She says I feel scared for Emily. Aarav tries to calm Emily. Anandi comes. Aarav and Emily run to hide. Gunjan asks Pinky to become a table.

Anandi asks for water. She sits over Pinky. Pinky screams. Gunjan asks Anandi to get up, the chair is broken. Anandi says its fine, do you think Baa’s soul is here. Gunjan says we will go downstairs and talk. They go. Pinky feels hurt.

Jaman calls Aarav and asks about Baa’s ghost. Aarav says maybe Dadi is doing this for me, she loved me a lot, Emily was so scared, she held my hand and slept. Jaman says I think you love Emily more than America.

Aarav says no, Emily will go to US if she gets more scared, I will also with her. He says Dadi I love you, scare Emily more. Anandi asks Baa why are you angry on me, what mistake did I do. Gulab comes with a blindfold. He says I m see Baa’s spirit, she is saying that she will wander here to reform you.

Gunjan says I m getting disturbed, Baa is giving me a signal. Anandi asks her to focus and find out what Baa wants to tell them. Gunjan asks Moti Baa to give them a signal. She asks Anandi to close eyes and focus, she will just come. She goes to Pinky. She says you make the photo frame fall when I ask you.

She goes to act. She asks Anandi to ask Baa what she wants to sign. Gunjan coughs to sign Pinky. Pinky drops the photo frame. She runs to see. They see the photo frame broken. Gulab asks what broke. Gunjan says Aarav and Emily’s marriage photo frame fell down and broke, it means Baa isn’t happy with their marriage.

Anandi asks what shall we do now. Gunjan says we have to make Emily out of this house else we have to face her wrath. Pinky starts the fans. The curtains fly. Gunjan says I think it her wrath.

Everyone comes downstairs. Anandi gets scared. She says Baa’s soul isn’t accepting Emily as our bahu, Emily should return to US, Aarav book her ticket. He gets happy and then acts. Emily worries. Anandi says I will do her puja and apologize for hurting her heart. Emily says she knows that I love India.

Anandi says even then Baa doesn’t accept you. Emily goes sadly. Gunjan and Pinky scare her with anklet sound. Emily runs away. Gunjan and Pinky laugh. She says this time, my plan can’t fail, I think she will go away today itself. Emily says I can face anything, but not ghost. Kanha comes. Emily says you are also scaring me now, Anandi asked me to go back to US, I wanted her to accept me with love.

Kanha says you can try this even now, convince her, you love Aarav, trust your love, love has much strength, it can defeat any fear. Aarav comes and asks are you so worried, I can’t see you worried, I decided, we will go to Mumbai and then leave for America. She says no, I won’t lose and go away.

He asks what will you do. She says I have a plan. Gunjan says we have to continue this drama. Gulab comes looking for Payal. Gunjan says he won’t see us, he has a blindfold. He stumbles. Pinky holds him. He thanks her and asks her to feed him the food. Gunjan worries. Anandi asks Gunjan to get the churan bottle.

Gunjan hides Pinky under the table. Payal comes. She asks Gulab not to shout. He asks where did you go. She says I was in my room, doing Zumba. He asks then who was feeding me. Payal asks Gunjan did she feed him.

Gunjan says no, I just came. He says Motibaa’s ghost fed me the food. Anandi and Gulab argue. He asks her to remember Motibaa’s anger. Anandi says yes, I have to keep a puja for her soul peace. Emily comes with chilli and lemon garland in her neck. Gunjan thinks what’s her new drama.


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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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