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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 22nd February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 22nd February 2021 Episode starts with Baby coming out of the room with Babu and calls Anuradha. She tells her that she thought him as beauty aunty and slept beside him. She asks her to get him thrown out. Babu calls Maayi and asks her to stop her. Baby says he is the same illiterate man who made me play suparnakha. Babu tells that now he has to take bath and read hanuman chalisa 100 times. He says he didn’t sleep beside her intentionally and calls her Asura. Anuradha tells baby that he is my guest from village and tells that he didn’t do it intentionally. Baby gets upset and wants to throw him out. Anuradha orders her to go and sleep. Babu asks Anuradha not to think him wrong and tells that she herself came to the room.

Anuradha asks him to calm down and makes him drink water. Babu says I am surprised, how can this evil girl is your daughter. He says when I came to know this, I couldn’t believe it as there is a huge difference between you both. Babu tells that he is in dilemma, as everyone here is calling him with different names, somebody calls him cheap, illiterate etc. He says my babu ji sent me here, but I can’t stay here anymore. Anuradha tells him that he is the family member and asks him to help her in baby’s marriage arrangements. She asks him to go and sleep. Babu says he will not sleep, but will clean his body first with a bath and will read hanuman chalisa. Baby wakes up hearing him reading hanuman chalisa and asks Servant to ask him to be silent. Servant asks him to be silent as baby is sleeping. Babu asks her to give message to Baby that she shall wake up early and handle her home, so that after her marriage she can take care of home and kids.

Servant gives the same message to baby. Baby gets angry and says now will he tell me how to behave after marriage. She comes out and throws detergent dirty water on him. He sits down. Baby asks him not to give suggestion to her next time. Babu takes bath again and goes inside. A boy comes there and aims water gun at him. Pratap sees him and asks who is he? Babu says he is Babu and tells that the girl is Asura, though her mother is a Devi. He says her father must have spoilt her and says she must have got her father’s values. He says when I meet her father then will tell him that his daughter is gone from his hands. Pratap asks him to say and says I am baby’s father who has spoilt his daughter from your perspective. Babu gets shocked and imagines him becoming giant. Pratap asks what you want to make me understand, calls him mannerless, asks from where you got such courage. Anuradha comes and asks Babu to apologize to him. Babu apologizes. Anuradha takes Pratap to side and says he is our relative, he will stay here and will help us in baby’s marriage arrangements. Pratap says don’t know how is your relatives and asks her to make him understand, not to enter dining hall again. Anuradha says ok. Babu apologizes to Anuradha and says baby had thrown dirty water on him and that’s why he complained about her. Anuradha asks him to go and take bath.

Kaushalya asks Jagannath to make arrangements for babu’s stay at some other place. Kaushalya asks on whom you are trusting, Pratap or his wife. She sees her brother in law bringing the milk cans and asks him to bring more milk. She tells him that she will make sweets for Babu and asks her brother in law to go and give sweets to Babu. Her brother in law refuses. Lalla comes there and greets Kaushalya. He asks her to tell if she has any work. Kaushalya asks him to take sweets and go to babu. Lalla agrees. Kaushalya asks him to take Babu to some other place and take care of him. Babu takes bath in the bathroom and asks if someone will give my towel. Beauty Maasi is in the room and gives the towel. Babu comes out holding the hotel and wiping his body and splashing his hair…Beauty Maasi gets happy…tujhe jo maine dekha plays…Beauty Maasi says what a body? Babu covers himself with a cloth and calls her Chachi ji. Beauty says I am Beauty. Babu says I am brahmachari. Beauty says handsome guy is brahmachari and says I will make you break your brahmachari swear. She goes. Babu prays to Hanuman ji.

Babu gets up seeing omelette. Lata says he is a vegetarian and asks Servant to give paratha. Baby sees him and thinks to make him eat egg cake.


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby says sorry to Babu and asks him to have cake. She tries to forcefeed cake in his mouth, while he resists.

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Telecast Date:22nd February 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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