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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 1st April 2021  Episode starts with Baby crying thinking of Babu’s words that she is not an outsider, but his family. Babu tells Kaushalya that baby didn’t agree to marry Preet with her wish and tells that he has to go and bring her back. Kaushalya says you have promised her. Babu says I promised her not to stop her, and didn’t promise that I will not bring her back. Kaushalya and Jagannath try to stop him citing his health. Babu says I have to go and protect her, I am fine. He takes their blessings and goes from there. Anuradha asks Pratap, how can he do this, how can he bring Baby from her sasural. Pratap says he has done this for her betterment. Anuradha says Baby is someone’s wife and daughter in law. She says she has her own family now. Pratap says I wanted to give her a happy life.

Anuradha says let her take her own decisions,it is good that she refused to marry Preet. Baby washes her face and finds her sindoor washing off with water. She thinks if she shall call him and thinks she had given him promise. She says it is better for everyone. Babu reaches Banaras and thinks he will take Baby from there. Oh Ranjhana ve plays…Baby sees the heavy wind and says Babu. She sees Preet jumping inside her room and kidnapping her, by making her smell chloroform. He says nobody can separate you with me. He takes unconscious baby in his car. Babu comes home and asks Lata where is Baby? Lata says I knew that you will come. Babu says Baby don’t want to do this marriage, I know she is pressurized. They come to the room and finds the room messed up and her slipper there. They get shocked.

Preet locks Baby in the factory. Baby shouts for help. Preet says you are repenting thinking why you refused before. He says we will keep reception after marriage. His goon brings Pandit ji there to get them married. Baby says marriage will not happen, let me go. She says you are not doing right, says she is married and Babu is her husband. Preet calls Pratap and says he is marrying baby and if she don’t marry him then he will kill her. Pratap says nothing shall happen to her. He ends the call and tells everyone that Preet has kidnapped Baby and said that if she don’t sign on the divorce papers by evening, then baby will be killed. Babu promises that he will bring fine and will search her everywhere. He promises Pratap.

Pandit ji says he will not do a sin to get a married woman marry. Preet threatens him. Baby says do you think that you will marry me, by threatening me. Preet says what do you think that your illiterate husband will stop me? Why are you thinking about him, when you don’t regard him as your life partner. He asks do you think that Babu will come here to get beaten by me. Baby hopes babu comes there. Baby says your marriage was fake, you shall thank me for freeing from that fake relationship. Baby recalls Babu and her moments. She says Babu will come surely, just as he comes to know that I am kidnapped. She says this relation might be fake for you, but Babu cares for his relationships and family members. She says I am his family member and says if you can handle his rudra avatar or not, asks him to think. Babu searches for baby still.

Anuradha, Pratap and Lata enquire with the people near the temple about Baby and Preet. Preet says this time, my wish will be fulfilled. He calls his goons and asks Baby if she trusts Babu so much. He says he will marry her, only when she becomes Babu’s widow. He asks his goons to beat Babu and then shoot him between his two eyes, so that he can know what is the result of messing up with him. The goons laugh. Babu stops his bike seeing Preet’s car and finds broken bangle piece there.

Preet tells Baby that her father has spoilt her since childhood. He says he has brought many jewellery things, and sarees for her for their wedding. Baby asks him to wear the bangle in his hand. Preet raises his hand on her, but stops. He talks about their wedding night and asks her to sign on the divorce papers. He says after she signs, then their love story will begin. Baby refuses to sign and refuse to divorce Babu. Preet forces her to sign. Just then Babu comes there and beats the goon. He asks Preet to let Baby go, else. Baby shouts Babu….Preet tries to take Baby from there, but Babu hits brick on his head. Preet hides and hits on babu’s head.


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 2nd April 2021 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby takes the attack on her head and faints. Preet asks his goons to run away as Baby won’t be saved.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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