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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 19th February 2021 Episode starts with Anuradha making food for Babu herself. Bua ji gets doubtful and thinks for whom she is making food. She praises the food aroma and says she feels that she is making food for her damad/son in law. Anuradha says I wish I get damad like him. Nidhi says you want such illiterate and animal like damad. Anuradha asks Lata to call Babu to have food. Lata comes to Babu and sees him exercising to relieve his hunger. She calls him to have food. Babu comes out. Anuradha asks him to sit and have food. He says he prefers to eat sitting on the floor and asks can I have the dish made by my Amma. Anuradha says why not, and tells that she is happy to see him following the village customs.

He sits and keeps five bites for God, cow, mother, father and crow. Anuradha gets impressed with him. Babu tells that first his Amma used to make him have food. Anuradha says I am like your mother and feeds him first bite. He says very tasty, now I will eat. He begins eating and takes bigger bites. Anuradha signs Lata to bring more parathas etc. Babu continues to eat food. Lata tells that this is last paratha. Babu says I will finish my food with it, don’t worry. Just then the phone rings, Kaushalya is on call and asks her to give call to Latha. Anuradha holds the phone. Babu gets emotional hearing her and tells that he had food. Kaushalya asks if he had milk, ghee, lassi etc. He says it was not here, but I had tasty parathas. Kaushalya asks him to return and asks Jagannath where did you send him? Babu tells Anuradha that Amma was worrying for him. Nidhi says you have finished all the food.

Baby comes there and asks if someone will give me food or not. Lata asks her to come with her and says she will give the food. Just then Babu burps, baby comes back to him and is about to see his face, though he hides his face with kadai. Just then Tokyo tells that beauty aunty came. Baby runs to meet her. Beauty and baby hug each other. Bua ji asks Nidhi to keep eye on beauty, she might steal anything. She tells that she will find out about Anuradha’s relation with Babu, which made her so charged up.

Kaushalya tells that don’t know how Babu might be staying, first day he missed drinking milk, lassi, ghee and butter. Jagannath tells that babu is fine and tells that Pratap is not that bad. Kaushalya asks what did you say and says you have sent Babu to Pratap’s house? She says that good man is Pratap, and asks how dare you to send Babu there. She reminds him that he had sell his land and gave money to Pratap, and he became a big man investing that money and never returned or talked to them since 25 years. She says he married to your….and stops. Jagannath tells that he was sure that Pratap will respect his son and he did this. Kaushalya asks why didn’t you tell me before and asks him to either shift babu somewhere or call him back. Jagannath says he will get him shifted to a hotels soon. Chachi taunts her husband and asks if he knew that his brother sold the land and gave to Pratap. She says even my daughter and I have the share on that land.

Kaushalya promises Babu’s pic, thinks Jagannath has sent her son to the enemy’s house, thinks she will bring him back. Babu thinks Baby is a Asura and rules in the house as if it is her house. He prays to bajrang bali and find baby’s pic stuck on his hand. He then finds the invitation card of baby’s marriage with preet. He realizes baby is Anuradha’s daughter. He thinks if babu ji didn’t know that this is her house and thinks to leave in the morning. He remembers Kaushalya and thinks sleep here tonight and tomorrow you will be miles away from that Asura. Later in the baby goes to her room and finds Nidhi sleeping on her bed. She comes to Nidhi’s room, thinks beauty is sleeping on the bed. She sleeps beside Babu on the bed. Babu turns towards her while sleeping. Oh Ranjhanawe…plays….He keeps his hand on her in sleep. She pushes his hand. Later he holds her hand, thinking of Kaushalya. Later both of them get up in the night itself and get shocked and shout seeing each other. Babu asks her to leave his hand. baby asks how did you come here?


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 20th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Babu takes bath outside the house. Baby hears him and asks him to ask let her sleep. She then comes out and throws detergent water on him.

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Telecast Date:19th February 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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