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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 18th February 2021 Episode starts with Baby thinking what will he do here? She goes inside. Babu comes inside and takes his bag. Anuradha comes there and says you have brought mehendi. Babu nods yes and gives the letter. Anuradha reads the letter in which Jagannath has written a letter to Pratap, and tells that they have not met since last past 25 years, due to some issues. He adds that he is sending his son to stay in his house for few days, as he came for some work. He adds if you accept my initiation and let me son stay here, then I will be thankful to you. She ends reading the letter and asks him to come inside. Babu gets inside the house.

Later Kaushalya makes lassi and take out the butter in her hand. She reminisces how Babu used to eat it. Jagannath comes there and says your babu is in city. Kaushalya says don’t know if he had food or not. Anuradha asks him to freshen up and says she will bring food for him. Babu says you have understood me like my mother and calls her Maayi. Anuradha smiles. Babu asks her to make him talk to his Amma. He says my Amma must be worried and even I can’t have food without talking to her. Anuradha says you loves her so much. She calls Jagannath. Jagannath asks who are you? Anuradha gets emotional and gives call to babu. Babu gets emotional hearing Kaushalya crying. He asks her not to cry. Kaushalya asks did you reach there and asks how is the family and home. She asks him to return if he don’t feel good and says this house and lawn are empty without you. Babu says I am fine, need not worry. Jagannath asks did you meet my friend? Babu says I couldn’t meet your friend, but a lovely lady is standing infront of me. He gives the call to Anuradha. Jagannath asks if she is the family member? Anuradha says yes, I am family member and ends the call. Jagannath realizes her voice and tells Kaushalya that phone call ended.

Pratap’s niece shows the sarees to her mother and tells that it is cheap. Shankar comes there and tells that the sarees are good. His mother in law asks him to think about him and his wife. He says he has thought. He tells them that a Servant came here whom Anuradha was giving so much respect. Babu asks if she knows the girl and tells that she is so mannerless etc. Anuradha thinks he is talking about baby’s friend. Lata comes there and asks who is he? Babu greets her. Lata realizes that this is not the mehendi sent by Preet’s family. They see mehendi designer applying mehendi to baby. Anuradha says why Preet’s family haven’t sent mehendi. Baby recalls not telling Preet about mehendi and thinks they must have bought from shop. Babu notices mehendi on his hand and washes his hand. Nidhi comes to the room and thinks he is thief. Anuradha says he is our relative from village. Nidhi taunts her and asks her to help the cook, as he is shouting as coconut cutter is not here. Babu offers to cut the coconut and asks where is it? He cuts the coconut with shell with his teeth and then breaks it on his head. He then takes out the coconut. Nidhi asks if this animal is your relative really? Anuradha looks at her. Baby comes there asking if someone will give me food. Babu says if she sees me then will do drama. Baby comes near Anuradha and says nobody is giving me food. Babu throws coconut in the air and the flour falls on his head. Baby looks at him and says who is this joker? She says he is halwai and don’t know how to do work. Anuradha says he is not halwai. Lata says I will give you chicken tikka. Babu thinks this girl is trying to rule even here.

Kaushalya refuses to eat until Babu eats food. She asks Jagannath to call. Anuradha asks if he is fine? He says yes. Anuradha asks what he would like to have. Babu tells that his Amma used to make paratha, etc for him. Nidhi says we will hire chef for you. Anuradha says I will make food for him myself.


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Baby comes to the room and sleeps beside Babu. Babu holds her hand while sleeping.

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Telecast Date:18th February 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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