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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 10th February 2021 Episode starts with Babu standing on his one leg. His sisters feel bad seeing him punished. Kaushalya says nobody will give him water and food until I return from market. Sukanya asks what are you saying, you will take hours in market, asks if babu will stand here for hours. Kaushalya says her decision is final. She asks Mohan and Sukanya to come with her. She leaves from there. Mohan asks why Babu is punished. Sukanya says I will tell you on the way. Rani asks do you want anything bhaiyya? Babu says no, and tells that Amma’s order is the line on the stone for him. Baby tells that she will do the engagement. Lata says she heard her conversation with Preet. Baby says she don’t love Preet, but he loves her and gives her gifts too. She says she can love him after marriage. Lata says yes. Baby says she had loved puppies when they used to stay with her and thinks same thing will happen. Lata says yes. Baby hugs her. Lata takes out her engagement dress and gold jewellery. She says she wants diamond set else she will not come for the engagement. Babu is still standing on his one leg.

Pratap Singh orders diamond necklace. Anuradha asks him not to spoil baby and says she can wear gold necklace. Lata says gold doesn’t match with the dress. Anuradha says she didn’t know the price of diamond. Pratap Singh says her father is alive now. Baby hugs him. Pratap Singh’s sister and her daughter enquire about the diamond necklace price and gets shocked. Pratap’s sister says this time baby’s marriage will happen or not, it is yet to be seen. Babu’s father gets worried hearing about his punishment. Babu says he will obey his mother’s sayings. His father asks him to have food. Babu refuses. His father asks him to keep his folded leg on his shoulder. Babu tells that he can’t do this and praises his father. Kaushalya comes there and asks her husband, how can he ask him to disobey her? Baby gets ready for the engagement. Her cousin takes selfie with her. Anuradha comes and says she is looking beautiful. Lata says groom’s family came. Preet and his family come there. Preet couldn’t keep his eyes off Baby. His mother asks him to close his mouth. Preet is about to make her wear ring, but she takes back her hand to attend a phone call. He takes the ring back. Baby gets happy and tells Pratap that Nitu’s dog gave birth to 6 puppies. She says she wants to go there. She takes ring from Preet and wears it. She asks Preet to take ring from mummy and wear it. She touches everyone’s feet and goes. Pratap’s Sister taunts Pratap. Preet gets upset. Ishwar asks them to let her celebrate. Preet asks what about my ring. Pratap’s niece says wear it as she said.

Kaushalya’s husband reminds her of her love for Babu and says you didn’t let your son have cow’s milk. He asks what happened to her love and asks how she can eat while her son is hungry. Kaushalya says she don’t want anyone to have enmity with her son and tells that she is a bad mother. Babu says don’t say anything to my mother. His father says until babu eats anything, I will not have even water. He goes inside. Rani and other sister tell Kaushalya’s husband that even she is hungry since morning.

Kaushalya comes to Babu and cries. Babu says he will obey her orders. Kaushalya asks her husband, how did he think that she had food without feeding Babu. Her husband apologizes and says I couldn’t understand your love. Kaushalya brings food for Babu while he is still standing for his punishment. He saysfirst you and then me? She relieves him from his punishment. They come inside. Baby is driving the car happily. Babu and Kaushalya sit and make each other have food. Babu sings the song praising his mother. Kaushalya’s son says nobody can come between them.


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby’s car meets with an accident. Babu’s father says she has hurt someone. Baby offers money. Babu scolds her for insulting his father. Baby threatens to get them insulted.

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Telecast Date:10th February 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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