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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 7th September 2020  episode starts with Insaf unveiling the real face of ministers. Sheikhu orders the courtmen to take the ministers and put them in jail. Akbar says he meant to say the same. Akbar releases the fake captive, and orders to look for his family as soon as possible. People chant slogans in favor of Akbar. Insaf accepts his mistake that he considered Akbar a cruel and greedy ruler. He is subject to punishment, but also deserves gifts alongside. Vijay was angry that what gift? Insaf says he must be gifted for helping them kidnap Insaf. Akbar agrees that he got himself kidnapped and deserves a gift. Shekhu guesses that he would demand his freedom from jail. Akbar disagrees as he would not have surrendered otherwise. He allows Insaf to ignore Shekhu. Insaf demands poison as gift. Everyone in the court was taken aback. Insaf requests them a bowl of poison. Akbar orders a bowl of poison. It was presented to Insaf. Insaf tells Akbar he will drink this poison. Maharani was quizzical that he would die otherwise. Insaf says he won’t drink it alone; he has four partners. He calls for the security staff who demanded their share in any gift from the king. Akbar was furious over the four guards. They get into his feet. But Akbar orders the to be taken away from his sight. Insaf presents Akbar the precious diamond. Insaf apologizes Akbar. Whatever he did was to unveil the real problems his subjects faced. Akbar agreed. He says his ministers and staff will be punished, but he is also responsible for a part of it. He requests back the bowl of poison. Everyone comes to save Akbar. Akbar gives the bowl to Sheikhu. Akbar thinks it was his bad times that he committed such a carelessness. Insaf corrects that times aren’t good or bad; but good times leaves memories and bad times leaves lessons.

Vijay now blames Insaf for his previous crimes, which were deliberate. Akbar smiles that one of his crime unveiled hundreds of criminals, but sin is a sin. Today, Insaaf must die. Insaf stares back at Akbar. Maharani defends that this is injustice, her Baba wouldn’t have done so. No matter his mode was false, but what he did was right. Akbar tells Maharani to take her seat, he is there to provide justice. Akbar finally agrees to forgive him. He asks Insaf his real name. Insaf says its Maheshdaas. Akbar decides to give Insaf a new name, Birbal! Insaf would die, and Birbal will be born. People in the court chant slogals of Birbal’s name. Akbar now tells Maharani this was what he meant. Akbar now asks Birbal what gift he will accept. Birbal requests a piece of land. Akbar asks him about the place. Birbal says the guard he had promised his possession of land will tell.

The papers of land were returned to the old farmer. Akbar was emotional, he allows him to return to his land and do farming. For them, youth and farming are both important. He appreciates that Birbal even wished a gift for someone else. Akbar decides to appoint Birbal as his Prime Minister. Maharani was flattered over Akbar’s decisions. Birbal apologizes as he is not worth this position. Akbar says from today onwards, he will serve his subjects from within the court. Birbal thinks he had always taken Akbar wrongly; Akbar can sacrifice his life for his subjects. He is ready to sacrifice his life for his cause. He accepts this.

Later, Akbar was in the room. Tara Bai runs to Akbar. Akbar spots tears in her eyes. She claims them a representation of her heart. Tara Bai strikes his chest with her elbow. Tara Bai cries that she loved him selflessly, while he was ready to kill himself. Akbar asks why regret for what didn’t even happen. Tara Bai and Akbar hug each other vehemently. Maharani had reached the room. Akbar starts faking a shiver, and says Tara Bai fainted. Tara Bai fells into his arms. He tells Maharani that Tara Bai came to inform him about her arrival. Maharani wonders what people will think of them. They try to drag Tara Bai but Akbar falls on the bed with Tara Bai over her. They move Tara Bai aside. Maharani sprinkles water droplets on her face. She wakes up at once, but fakes getting unconscious once again. Akbar promises he will not attempt to kill himself again. Maharani starts crying. Akbar was concerned. Maharani cries that she had done much preparations for Karwachot, and if he had died she would have become a widow. White dress would not have suit her at all. Maharani tells Akbar to remember he will have to fast tomorrow. She leaves. Tara tells him to remember it will be her fast as well. The ladies leave.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Akbar asks Birbal a solution that one of his friend has two wives and both want him to be present at the same time at two different places. Birbal asks what’s difficult in this. Later, Akbar’s court was attacked by some ousters.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2020
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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