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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 3rd September 2020 episode starts with Insaf and Lal Langot as Turkish businessmen convincing the security guards to let them meet Akbar. They will exchange gifts with him. The guards demand their share. Lal Langot promises 25%. The guards warn them about their fellows inside as well. Inside, Insaf and Lal Langot promises another 25% to the inner security personel. They were sent inside. Insaf thinks the king must be greedier than his ministers.

In the court, Akbar hears the wishes of Maharani. Akbar stops Vijay and says the celebrations are also for the subjects, he must read the arrangements for subjects as well. Shekhu starts reading his senseless list of wishes. The courtman announces, that a Turkish businessman Anwar Al Salah, Al Raheem Al Kareem wishes to meet him. The three ministers wonder how they couldn’t know who they are, and why they are coming. Akbar allows the guests inside.

Insaf and Lal Langot walk into the court with a confident smile. Insaf thinks he doesn’t appear to be such a greedy person. Insaf prays, may his grades reach higher. He delivers Turkish king’s greetings to him. Akbar gives his greetings and inquires about Turkish king. Insaf says their king is like the moon, and Akbar is like the moon of milk. The court men drag their swords. Vijay was angry if they intend to disgrace their king. Shekhu deters to throw them on the real moon. Insaf thinks the earlier defender was Akbar’s relative, and the latter is surely his son. Akbar now stops everyone and inquires if Anwar has come to insult him. Anwar says he came for business to India. He had appreciated Akbar. Turkish king is Poonam’s moon and its light vanishes gradually, but a farther moon like Akbar glows even more each day. Everyone was appreciative of their cunningness. Anwar now demands to clear his shipments on the port. Akbar says his ministers will first analyze their goods, and if they are of good quality only then they can allow them for his subjects. Insaf thinks this king is considerate of his subjects, how can he be greedy then. Anwar says they brought gifts for the king as well. Akbar says he would like them to distribute the gifts justly. Akbar tells the guests to rest, they will meet in the evening. The ministers stop them to whisper some conditions. Insaf says he understands he has to lend their share as well.

In the evening, Insaf presents a gown for Akbar. Akbar and Tara Bai were delighted. Maharani selects the one for her Baba, and the other one for her Shekhu. Insaf presents another gown. Maharani decides to send this one for her Baba as gift from Maharaj. Akbar likes a bag. Insaf says this is his bag. Insaf announces that everything from men’s collection ended. He now presents a special Turkish dress to Maharani. He had brought a special anklet for Ridhima. Shekhu promises to bring her more anklets. Insaf presents another bright dress to Daasi of Maharani, Tara Bai. Tara Bai shouts in excitement. Maharani was quizzical at her scream. Akbar says Tara surely liked the dress. Insaf asks Tara if she liked it or not. Akbar qualifies she cannot talk. Insaf says she can speak through her eyes. Akbar says Anwar is a cunning businessman, he can loot anyone’s heart through his soft tongue. Insaf thinks that he wanted to know the king’s family. They are funny, but not greedy; he must now meet the ministers. He takes a leave from the king.
In the corridor, Lal Langot and Insaf argue about Insaf’s Turkish language interpretation. Lal Langot wonders where they will get the ship from. Insaf says they will now bribe them.

In a meeting with the ministers, the ministers say they don’t need to inspect their ship. Insaf wonders how they will bring the ship here. The minster says it was a signal for them. Anwar says their faces reveal their inner intention, the guides like them are the passage for traders like them. Another minister tells them that half of their share of gifts will reach Akbar. Insaf thinks he will have to figure if they are lying, or that king Akbar. Anwar makes a wish to them. He says he heard that Akbar won a precious star in his war, he wishes to see that star so that back in Turkey he can boast that he is the first Turk to see it. The ministers were silent. Anwar says that it seems he will have to speak to someone superior to them. The ministers were boastful that they had enough authority. They take Anwar to the huge diamond, which was kept in big lock, under the security. The room was locked again. Anwar promises to bring them precious gift during the celebrations.

In the corridor, Lal Langot and Insaf part their ways. Insaf strikes a security guard on his way, who forbids him go to the particular side of palace. He asks what he is doing here as a security guard, if someone acquired his fields and the sadness gulped the life of his father as well. The guard asks if Anwar is some future teller. Anwar says his hardship ridden hands, his bend shoulders and his sitting style speaks of his irony; it shows he is fed up with this job and would never have come here. The guard agrees. He also senses that Anwar is not a trader. Anwar agrees. He whispers that Akbar appointed hm as his advisor and is appointed spy for him the matters of palace. He promises that he will get a field man his rights of the field. Insaf had changed his attire from Anwar’s.

Insaf now comes to the locked room. A security guard stops him and inquires if he did not recognize him. Insaf remembers he was guarding the diamond, and his name was Rajiv. He greets Rajiv and turns around. Rajiv place a sword at his neck, demanding his identity.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ridima danced during the celebrations in the court. Someone comes to announce that the diamond is stolen. They bring a chained Insaf who insists being Insaf. Akbar announces to hang him. He pleads. But Insaf appears in front of Akbar in veil. He reveals his face and says he is ‘Insaf’.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2020
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