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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 17th September 2020 episode starts with Lan Langot and Birbal in the restaurant. Lal Langot convince Birbal that it’s a magician’s job to astonish people. He must also enjoy the game. Some other clients request the restaurant owner to get something light, they have to attend a feast in the evening. Birbal suggests the owner a new dish of frying potatoes with gram flour and not to forget green chilli. Birbal discusses with Lal Langot why Changez attacked Trikon in the end. The restaurant owner brings the new dish. Lal Langot compliments the newly created dish. Birbal names it as ‘Jhat Phat Aalu Pakora’.

Tara Bai and Trilokma come to the room. Tara Bai was upset that Akbar has no time for her. He is always busy with his tasks of the Sultanate. Sheikhu comes there with message for Tara Bai that Trikon needs more oil. Tara Bai acts that she sent a lot of oil already. Sheikhu says he only brought the message. He suggests Trilokma to help Trikon with his task tomorrow. Trilokma was flattered by Trikon’s acts and personality. Sheikhu was annoyed and forbids her to go. When Sheikhu had left, Tara Bai tells Trilokma he dies on her. Trilokma gets an idea.

Later in the palace, Trikon tells Tara Bai he is in search of love. He liked it that she accepted being his helper. Her trust will help him protect her. He offers to teach her a few magical tricks. He asks for her hand. Tara Bai was reluctant as she spots Akbar come there. Trilokma winks towards her to go on. Tara Bai holds Trikon’s hand and his magical wand. Akbar stops them and tells Trikon to keep his tricks to himself. Sheikhu says Tara Bai looked good with Trikon. Trikon explains that Tara Bai is going to help him tomorrow, it is important to teach her a few tricks. Akbar tells Trikon to appoint someone else as helper. He was angry, sends Tara Bai inside to go to the Queen. He then takes Sheikhu along with him.

Birbal inspects the locket Trikon gifted to Maharani. There, Trikon and his two assistant magicians drank bowls full of ghee. They say that a bowl of ghee is extremely important for a magician’s body and mind. Birbal comes to Trikon and angrily inquires why he did so. He used Lakhmani oil on Maharani. Even Changez was instigated because of that oil. He knows Lakhmani oil’s use is forbidden in every country. It could have badly affected Maharani’s brain. Vijay comes there. Birbal tells Vijay that he used Lakhmani Oil on Maharani. Vijay thinks he can’t let Birbal win in front of Maharaj again. Vijay says every magician uses a little Lakhmani oil in his tricks. He tells Birbal to let him decide what he has to do. Birbal decisively says they can not use Lakhmani Oil in today’s tricks. He leaves Trikon with a warning. Trikon thinks he will not be seen after today.

In the court, everyone claps for Trikon. Trikon mentions there were some hurdles for today’s trick. He announces that his assistants left for China today to prepare the show there. Today he will be assisted with… Sheikhu says Trilokma but Trikon says its Tara Bai. Tara Bai walks towards Trikon. Trilokma gives her assured look. Trikon praises the beauty of Tara Bai. Changez begin to roar. Trikon was afraid what if Changez attacks him again. Maharani promises that Changez will not do anything today. Changez takes a round of the court. Akbar orders him to return. Changez leaves the court. Maharani decides to go inside to bring Changez but Vijay requests her to stay.

Tara Bai goes into the wooden box. Vijay works her magic and she falls asleep. Next, Trikon walks into the second box, silently waving at Birbal. Birbal senses something wrong. Everyone in the court clap for them awaiting what comes next. Sheikhu falls asleep on his couch. After a while, Akbar tells Birbal to check as it is late. If that Trikon has slept. Birbal opens the door of Trikon’s box. He was not inside. Akbar moves uneasily. Tara Bai was also absent from her box. Vijay was surprised. Akbar shouts where Trikon is. Birbal finds a letter in the box. Akbar orders him to read it aloud. Trikon wrote, ‘It is the last greetings from Trikon. Akbar will not find Trikon even in three worlds. He is taking his gift, Sona along with him. He will remember Akbar when he marries her. His truly, Trikon’.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Akbar orders Birbal to meet all ends but bring Tara Bai’s kidnapper. Trilokma shares with Birbal she wonders how he knew about Tara’s childhood name.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2020
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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