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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 10th September 2020 episode starts with Akbar ordering the commencement of his court. The court man announces that a few workmen await outside the city and wish to meet Akbar. Vijay says he will solve all their problems. Birbal interferes that if Vijay could solve their problems, they would not wait to meet Akbar. Vijay was annoyed with Birbal’s interference. Some other men were heard saying that the work men only wanted to meet the king.

One of the disabled work men was amongst the bunch. Vijay asks why they have come to the court. The man introduces himself as Gopal Nath. He demanded justice from the one who broke his leg and he is disabled for life. Akbar wanted to know the criminal. Gopal requests a promise that the responsible will be punished. Sheikhu and Vijay praises Akbar’s justice. Sheikhu says Akbar will return a leg for leg as justice. Akbar promises. Gopal Nath says his leg was broken because of Akbar only, he is the culprit.

Gopal Nath says a few days ago Akbar went for hunting. On his return, the elephant was restless and cried badly. One of the dog was terrified. It came to struck him near the water well, he fell into it and broke its leg. He says Akbar is responsible for his pain, he demands justice from Akbar now. Vijay was furious over him. Birbal stops Vijay requesting not to increase the sufferings of Akbar. Akbar tells Gopal Nath that after two days, he will provide justice to Gopal Nath in the court.

Tara and Akbar were in the room together. Tara was not ready to let Akbar lose his leg. Akbar says he will have to do justice. Tara demands justice for herself first. All at once, she stops talking. Akbar demands what is this way. He turns around to find Maharani. Maharani says she cannot speak but well understand her agony. Akbar tells Maharani it is a game of fate, and an accident which demands justice. He blames Sheikhu for having him caught in the problem. Sheikhu orders a court man. He brings a walking-aid for Akbar with an elephant’s tooth. Akbar was annoyed, as he had not yet lost his leg. Akbar demands Sheikhu the walking aid and beads Sheikhu on his back with it. Maharani and Tara Bai run to stop Akbar. Sheikhu holds the walking aid from the other end to stop Akbar. Finally, Maharani shouts at Akbar to stop. She blames Akbar for going to hunting; its his one deeds repaying. Akbar never understands Sheikhu’s or her love. Tara Bai cries that neither hers. Akbar shouts for Birbal.

Vijay walked in the court room restlessly wondering two days will pass too early. Birbal played with the coin, which on Vijay’s demand vanished. Birbal tells Vijay to look in his belt. Vijay wonders how it reached here. Birbal says likewise, he is wondering how Gopal Nath came to the court. There seems to be a problem. Akbar joins the two, worried about the justice he had to provide at any case. Birbal promises him to find a ray of hope within next two days. He will protect his leg and justice both.

The enemy’s man searches the brick of wall and finds one of the brick displaced. He then finds a note behind it and reads it. “the eyes of palace have a curtain; when you strike from behind the panels, the sun will set, and all egos will be broken; our flame will enlighten when Bharat’s Kohinoor flash dims”. Vijay brings Akbar’s weekly speech in which he will have to assure his people about justice. Birbal takes a leave from Akbar with time to search for a way out.

In the lawn, Birbal speaks to Lal Langot. Lal Langot apologizes for being late. Birbal asks why he is being formal; he is still his childhood friend. Lal Langot asks why he wanted him and even the elephants caretaker’s help. Birbal tells Lal Langot there is something wrong. The caretaker tells them that they take their elephants to drink water from the workmen’s village. But on the first day of hunting, a wall broke and fall over the elephant. The poor animal couldn’t eat or drink anything, he didn’t sleep whole night as he was injured on head and face. The next day it cried out of pain and irritation. Birbal thinks he will twist the remedy.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Birbal and Lal Langot recognizes the strange enemy who came with Gopal Nath arrive in the restaurant. Birbal finds the note that slips his pocket and recognizing the danger. runs towards the palace. In the palace, the stranger strikes an arrow. Akbar could see it approach him from a distance.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2020
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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