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Ajooni 8th November 2022 Ajooni sees Harman grinding spices and it falls in her eyes, she cries for water. Ajooni brings it but Ravindra says don’t give it to her. Ajooni says I can’t see her crying like this, you can punish me later on. She brings water to her and cleans her eyes. She says please forgive her, she is Rajveer’s mother.

Bebe says then she shouldn’t have done it. Harman says I didn’t want to hurt Rajveer, I am his mother but I was just angry at Ajooni and wanted to punish her. Ravindra says she is still taking your side and you are hating her? Harman says you hit me because of her, Dolly left the house because of her so I wanted to keep Rajveer away from her. I plotted all this to torture her. Ravindra says you did a big plan so I am sure you got Rajveer attacked also? Harman is stunned and says no..

I didn’t do attack him. Ravindra asks her to just keep grinding the spices. She starts doing it again. Ajooni sees her getting dizzy. She is about to fall down but Rajveer comes there and holds her. Ajooni gives water to her. Harman smiles seeing Rajveer there. Rajveer says stop all this. Ravindra says we won’t. Rajveer says she is my mother. Bebe says you are taking her side even after she did all that?

Rajveer says yes but she is my mother so I have to protect her. I can die for her. Ravindra says he forgave you even after all that? If you try to poison his life again then I won’t spare you, he leaves. Harman tells Rajveer to forgive her. Rajveer says I saved you as a son but I can’t forgive you. He starts to leave but Ajooni stops him.. Rajveer says I am okay, our love is strong so nobody can separate us. He takes Ajooni from there. Harman cries and looks on.

Rajveer brings Ajooni to the room and says our love won. Nobody can separate us now. Ajooni looks away and says don’t you feel bad about Ravindra and Bebe punishing Harman? Rajveer says she deserved it. Ajooni says we could have talked to her calmly, we can’t make her love us by punishing her. Rajveer says she kept repeating her mistakes so I won’t forgive her this time.

In the morning, Ajooni is getting ready. Rajveer comes there and is mesmerized. He caresses her hair and smiles. Ajooni blushes and says you? Rajveer hugs her from behind. Ajooni says anyone can come in… Rajveer says I don’t care, I can’t stay away from you now. He pulls her closer. Harman brings halwa for Rajveer but he says I would rather die than eat from you. Harman is sad hearing that.

Aman comes to Harvinder, he says we are divorced so get lost. Aman says I am a daughter in law of this house and Harman gave me all the reponsibilities. Harvinder says you trust Harman who can cheat her own son?

Aman begs him and says please don’t leave me. He tries to leave but she says I will call everyone. Harvinder ties her on the bed and leaves the room. Ajooni comes there so Harvinder says Aman is not in the room, we are already divorced so we just have to wait 6 months thanks to you. Ajooni says I know you are behind all that.


Ajooni 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajveer tells Bebe that I want to write your name in the election form this time. Harvinder brings Shikha to the court as Aman, he says we want to get divorced. The judge is about to divorce them but Ajooni brings Aman there and says she is real Aman Bagga

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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