Ajooni 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 7th November 2022 Rajveer tells Ravindra that I don’t have a right to punish or forgive Harman. Harman says don’t say that Rajveer. Rajveer says don’t take my name anymore, you raised me, gave me upbringing but for what? to show me this day? even animals don’t hurt their kids,

a mother’s love is like that and you? you have broken my heart into pieces, why? Harman cries. Rajveer says I should have died instead of seeing all this. How could you say that Ajooni is a bad omen for me? She left her house, her family for me and you did that with her? Harman says I just wanted to keep Ajooni from you. Rajveer shouts why? She has always supported you.

I love her, she is my life and you said all that for her? Why did you lie to me like that? He holds Ajooni’s hand and says no one can hurt Ajooni till I am with her, she is my wife first then your daughter in law. He tells Harman that I can’t be your son anymore, I am dead for you now. He angrily leaves.

Harman cries and breakdowns. Ravindra shouts why did you break his heart? I won’t forgive you like him. You will be punished. Bebe tells Harman that you broke Rajveer’s heart and even tried to tarnish our daughter-in-law’s image. Ravindra says I am sure that Chanku was part of this? Chanku says I didn’t know anything. Ravindra says you both will be punished now. Ajooni says don’t do it. Ravindra asks her to stop it.

Ravindra orders huge sacks of spices. He calls Harman and Chanku there, he says you have to crush the spices into a powder without stopping. Harman and Chanku start crushing them manually. Harman is tired but keeps doing it.

Ajooni feels bad for her. Chanku falls down so Ajooni tries to help her but Ravindra stops her. Harman supports Chanku and start crushing spices again. Harman cries and says I won’t do anything like this again. Ravindra says just do your work. Ajooni can’t see that anymore and leaves from there.

Rajveer is angry when Ajooni calls him. She says where are you? Ravindra is punishing Harman. Rajveer says she deserves it. Ajooni says she is your mother. Rajveer says but she didn’t think of me as a mother. Ajooni says you will lose your mother, think about it.


Ajooni 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni is getting ready, Rajveer comes there and pulls her closer. He says I don’t want to be away from you now. Ajooni blushes.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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