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Ajooni 4th November 2022 Gulabo looks at Khushwant’s photo and says your daughter is with your killers now. Ginni comes there so Gulabo says you don’t have a place here because if you are not our daughter anymore.

She throws her out of the house. Ginni says what are you doing? Gulabo says you don’t love your father anymore, if you want to live here then you have to leave your position as Adi’s wife. Ginni says please don’t say all this. Gulabo says I had high hopes from you. Ginni says calm down, I am your daughter only.

She says you always wanted good for everyone so how can you hate them so much? We will not take any haste decision. My father would never want us to hurt anyone. Gulabo says did you forgive them?

Ginni says you know Darji is in coma because of the incident. Gulabo says I don’t care, you know what they did with your father, they took everything from us. Ginni says we will take revenge on them but for justice only. Goldie hides and calls Sam. He says I just want revenge.

Adi brings Darji’s home. He tells Amber that Darji is safe here, we will get treatment for him. Amber says he is in coma, you have to be strong for him. Adi says he will become fine soon.

Ginni calls Gulabo and her siblings to eat with them. Goldie comes there so Ginni says what are you doing here? Gulabo says Goldie has left his wife. Goldie says yes. Ginni says please don’t do anything wrong now. Gulabo hints at Goldie to be silent.

Amber talks to his brother who says that I had to pay the hospital bills from my personal account. Amber says why didn’t you use the company account? He says I couldn’t use it as we have a partner in the business now. All our accounts are frozen till we take her permission.

Darji has given 50% shares to her so nothing can be done now. Amber says Darji can’t do that. He laughs and says Ginni is a big player, she must have fooled Darji and then acted like she didn’t want anything but she must have fooled Darji and talked to him in the hospital and must have asked for shares. He laughs and says I am such a fool. He tells Adi that Ginni cheated us all. Adi looks on.

Sharja says she is a snake and we couldn’t recognize her. Amber says I know Ginni deserves shares in our business but the way she went about this is wrong, she even put Darji in the coma. Supreet tells Adi that Ginni didn’t have to do all this, we were wrong about her. Adi leaves from there.

Sharja says they took half of our shares now. Amber says we will take them to court. His brother says Darji gave everything to her so we can’t do anything and I think Ginni’s family deserves this.

Amber comes to an unconscious Darji and shouts how could you do this? Supreet stops him but he shouts at her and says I did everything for the business and he gave it away like this? Supreet says he is in coma so calm down.

Ginni thinks Gulabo was wrong to do that with Darji but someone tried to take off Darji’s mask, who could it be? Adi arrives there and is drunk. Ginni is shocked. Adi pins her to the wall and says I had to come here because I can’t understand you. I don’t know you anymore. I just know that I loved you more than myself.


Ajooni 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni arrives at Adi’s house with her family and says we are your partners so you can’t throw us out now. She tells Adi to welcome his new partners.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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