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Ajooni 4th August 2022 Ajooni comes to meet Avinash. He’s injured. Ajooni says are you okay? Ajooni’s mom says I am sure it’s her goons who did it. Avinash says my patients did it. It’s very common with doctors.

They do it if their patient isn’t well. Don’t blame Ajooni. Avinash’s dad says it’s not about a patient. That patient has been discharged. This is too much. He says to Subhash I can’t risk my son’s life. I am sorry we tried to support you. Avinash says I won’t leave Ajooni. Subhash says Avinash for now just focus on your recovery.

Ajooni goes outside and cries. Rajveer comes and says did you come to meet that doctor? I will kill him if you keep coming to meet him. Subhash comes. Rajveer says you should be preparing for our engagement. Subhash says what joke is this? He says can’t you see how serious I am? Should I take Ajooni with me myself?

I love her. I want to do all the functions and rituals and then marry. Ajooni says shut up. You can never marry me. I hate you. He says I love you and I will marry you at any cost. Ajooni leaves.

Ajooni comes home. She says why is he after my life. Meher says please relax. Ajooni says I hate him. He’s hit Avinash so bad. Rajveer thinks about what Ajooni said. His friends come. He says I didn’t like seeing Ajooni cry. His friend says you made her cry. Rajveer gets angry. his friend says I mean she’s tensed because of this situation. He says she came to my life and changed it forever. His friend says you have to calm her down. Rajveer says you are right.

Scene 2
Bharat gets ready, he says I have an interview. Ajooni makes puri for him. Subhas is ready to leave for work too. Biji says we have to keep going to work. We can’t let him stop us. Subhash says to Ajooni if there’s any problem call me right away. Bell rings. Bharat opens the door. It’s the milkman. The milkman says is there a function in 4 days? Let me know beforehand about the milk order.

Meher says who said that? He says it’s written there. Meher says there are many flowers outside and he’s written after 4 days with them. They’re all angry. Subhas goes out in anger. Subhash says he’s crossing limits every day. Biji says let’s go inside. Subhas says Bharat come with me. This is too much.

Bharat and Subhash come to an office. The receptionist says sir has an important meeting. He is coming. Rawinder says to his man I have to find a good girl for my younger son soon. He says to the minister’s man, that land should be mine, or I will kill him. He leaves. Bharat asks the receptionist who is he. He says Rawinder Bagga.

Subhas comes to the lawyer. He says you won’t take our case. It’s against Rajveer Bagga. The lawyer says your case can go famous in the media then they can’t use their power. You have to stay very strong. Your daughter’s statement is very important. Did Rajveer threaten your daughter or harass her? He says not really. The lawyer says your daughter will have to give a statement.

Scene 3
Biji meets Khana and Avinash. She says we are very worried for Avinash. His mom says then leave him alone. It happened to him because of Ajooni. Avinash says what are you saying. He says sorry Biji they’re tensed. Biji says it’s okay I understand their anger. We will come later. They leave. Rajveer is outside. He says they are still together. I have to stop this doctor. They see Avinash’s mom dropping a kid to school van. Rajveer says I got the idea for the final round.

Bharat asks Subhas are you okay? He says I can’t go home. I can’t face Ajooni. I can’t fight for my daughter. Bharat says don’t give up like this. He says I hope Avinash and Ajooni get married and leave the city. I can’t fight anymore. Rajveer is at the salon. His friends find all information about the kid. It’s Geet Khana. Avinash’s sister. His mom calls the school. Geet isn’t in school or the van. They’re worried for her. Avinash tries to find out too.


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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
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