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Ajooni 3rd November 2022 Rajveer asks Guruji why did you tell Ajooni that she is bad for me? Guruji says you are doubting my learnings? Ajooni is bad luck for you, she can be dangerous for your life. Rajveer says then find a way, you have to do something. Guruji says I have asked Ajooni to do a pooja and stay away from you.

Rajveer says please save my marriage, I will do anything you say and even give you money. Guruji shouts that you can’t buy my learnings. Rajveer says I am sorry, Ajooni is my life so we will do as you say. He mistakenly drops his phone there and leaves.

Chanku tells Aman that Ajooni was trying to impress Ravindra and said she will cook a sweet dish for him. Aman says she wants the powers that I have. I will not spare her. She comes to the kitchen and sees Ajooni cooking kheer. Aman says you had to do laundry but you haven’t done it till now?

Ajooni says I will do it later on. Aman says I am a queen here so just do as I say. Ajooni says I know you have a good heart then why are you doing all this? it was a misunderstanding about the divorce. Aman asks her to just leave. Ajooni goes from there. Aman looks at her kheer. Chnaku says we can put salt in it and destroy it. Aman says no, this was cooked for Ravindra. Chnaku gives her an idea.

Rajveer sits with his friends and says I feel bad for Ajooni. He tries calling her but recalls he might have forgot it in the mandir.

Ravindra asks for the kheer. Aman comes there and says I sent Ajooni for laundry, I have cooked fish for you. Ravindra says that’s good.

Ravindra comes back to the mandir and hears Guruji talking on the phone and saying that Rajveer knows the truth so we have to be careful now. Rajveer looks on.

Ajooni brings kheer to Ravindra but Aman says they had fish so they can’t have milk based food now. Ajooni says today is Amavash so they shouldn’t have eaten fish. Bebe gets angry and shouts at Aman.

She says Ajooni is responsible but you are not. She slaps her and leaves. Ravindra takes Aman and Chnaku from there. Ajooni looks on. Ravindra tells Aman that you can’t do anything correctly. He insults her and says you are like a dog. Ajooni made kheer but you wanted to win over her. He asks Chanku to sing a song and Aman will act like a dog. Aman twirls around like a dog.

Ajooni is hurt seeing her like that. She asks Ravindra to stop it. Ravindra says this is my way of punishment. Aman falls down and is dizzy. Ajooni brings water for her but she throws it away and says you are behind all this. Ravindra says she is still helping you and you are cursing her out? You have become egoistic so I have to set you right.


Ajooni 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajveer tells Ajooni that if my fate has death then I will die even if you are not with me. Some goons attack Rajveer but Ravindra comes to save him. A shooter shoots at Ravindra but Rajveer saves him and gets shot.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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