Ajooni 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update


At night, Ajooni is studying. Meher says di I am trying to sleep. Ajooni says the last chapter. Meher says you’re not going on a war you are getting married. Do something romantic instead of all this. Ajooni says I like to study.

Meher says let me sleep. She says to call Jeju then. Ajooni says is this the time to call? Meher says then dream of him? Ajooni says how do you do that? Meher says take Avinahs’s name thrice and close your eyes. Ajooni laughs. Their mother shouts what’s this noise, it’s so late go and sleep!

Rajveer gets Ajooni’s number. Ajooni is asleep. She sees Rajveer in her dream. Her phone rings. It’s Avinash. He asks did you sleep? She says no. He says were you waiting for my call? She says no I was about to sleep. He says I am your husband-to-be. He says I wanted to say.. She says say what?

Meher says he just wants to say I love you. Avinash panics and says good night. Ajooni hits Meher with a pillow. Ajooni gets a text from Rajveer come to the window. I want to see your face then I will sleep in peace otherwise I will stay outside your door all night. Ajooni opens the window. Rajveer is there. Meher asks who’s there. She says a stray go.

Scene 2
Meher and Ajooni are shopping. Meher says everything should be perfect for your engagement. Rajveer sees footage of the store. He keeps looking at Ajooni. Ajooni says it’s so pretty. She leaves the expensive one and gets the cheaper one. She says we have to stay within budget.

The shopkeeper says we will send it tomorrow once it’s ready. Ajooni sees Rajveer downstairs. She takes Meher out of there. Meher asks what happened. She says I can’t stay here. Meher stops for Pani puri. Ajooni says I want to go home. The shopkeeper comes and says madam this is for you.

Ajooni says Chunri got ready so fast. She checks it’s the expensive one. He says it’s paid already. Ajooni says I don’t want it. He says please keep it. See this bruise on my face. Ajooni sees Rajveer coming there. She looks at him in anger. She throws the chunri. Rajveer picks it. He says gifts should be respected.

You will look so good in it. Meher says we don’t need to talk to them. Let’s go. Rajveer says let us talk. He says to keep it. Ajooni says the move from my way. Rajveer says anything for you. She says let me go.

He says or what? She says I will call the police. Rajveer calls the police. They meet him like a brother. He says brother are you getting married? We will get you extra security. Rajveer says I will send you the card soon. He says the police are here too. Anything else? Wear this tomorrow. Ajooni takes the pack, and she leaves.

Scene 3
Biji asks Neeru to pack laddu boxes. Bua asks where are Ajooni’s earrings. Neeru says they’re in the red box. Biji says show me here. Bua says they’re so pretty. Alia Bhatt wore the same. Neeru says they’re not even back yet. They come back. Neeru asks why did you get late. Meher says we stopped for panni puri.

Meher asks Ajooni why did you lie? Ajooni says she will get so stressed and bua too. Biji comes and says what are you hiding? Meher says he stopped our way too. Police are also our friends. Ajooni says we should stay calm, we can’t create a drama it’s my engagement tomorrow.

Scene 4
The engagement starts. Meher brings Ajooni. Avinash looks at her and smiles. Avinash is about to make her wear the ring. Rajveer comes and shoots in the air. Everyone gets shocked and scared. Avinash says who are you and what are you doing here? Rajveer’s friend says you’re in our brother’s way. Ajooni’s dad asks what do you want? Rajveer says I want Ajooni.

Precap-Rajveer says I invite you all. The next week Ajooni and I will get engaged. She is only mine. Ajooni’s dad says I know a very honest inspector Manjeet Singh. Manjeet says to Rajveer I will take you to your real home. the jail.


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