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Ajooni 2nd November 2022 Ravindra asks Aman who cooked food today? She says Ajooni made it. Ajooni says did I do something wrong? I am fasting so I didn’t taste it. Ravindra asks Aman why didn’t you taste it? He asks Aman to try it, she tries it and spits it out, she says it has too much salt.

Ravindra says Ajooni was fasting but why couldn’t you taste it? You are responsible for the house so it’s your fault. You will be punished now. He brings boiling hot water and puts her hand in it. Aman cries and says it’s burning. Ravindra says don’t do this mistake again. He says don’t ever do this again, he leaves. Aman angrily leaves. Ajooni looks on.

Rajveer sits with Mangi and his friends. They offer him alcohol. He drinks it and says it’s good to spend time here. He keeps drinking and says I have to handle Ravindra so I can’t drink much.

Rajveer says you can drink as much was you want. Mangi gets drunk and says I am not scared of anyone.. but I am scared of Ravindra, he cares for me as I am his right-hand man. Rajveer says you are right, you are like our family member who always takes care of us.

Ajooni comes to Aman with an ointment. Aman says you are behind this pain. Ajooni says it was not my fault. Aman says you are doing all this because you want power of this house. Ajooni says it’s not like that. You even made me divorce my husband, I know you are playing a game with me.

You tried to act nice with everyone but you have a black heart. Maybe you even used me to hide your affair with Avinash. Ajooni says you are a crossing a limit. Aman slaps her and says I am owner of this house, your fight is with me now. Just get lost. Ajooni cries and leaves.

Mangi is drunk and tells Rajveer that I will do anything for you. Rajveer says I am sad, I took Ajooni on a honeymoon but after that she doesn’t let me come near her. Mangi says its all about fate, only Guruji knows that. Rajveer asks what happened? Mangi says I can’t tell you, its a secret. Rajveer glares at him.

Mangi says Guruji said its all about fate. Rajveer says you love me right? If you don’t tell me then I will be hurt. Mangi says I will tell you. He says Guruji said that if you become one with Ajooni then you will die within 24-hours. Ajooni is even fasting for you. Rajveer looks on after hearing that.

In the morning, Ravindra tells Bebe that I went to watch a hen fight, I really liked that. He asks about Mangi. Ajooni says he didn’t come yet. Ravindra says I am hungry, he asks if there is any sweet dish? Ajooni says I will make it. He says okay and leaves.

Guruji is in the mandir and talking to his followers. Rajveer comes there and says I want to talk to you. He says you said that Ajooni is a good daughter in law then why did you say I will die if I become one with her? Guruji looks on.


Ajooni 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Guruji tells Rajveer that Ajooni will bring good luck to your family but she is a bad luck for you. You will be in trouble because of her. Rajveer starts to leave but he hears Guruji calling someone and telling him that Rajveer came to meet him, he can’t find the truth so we have to be careful. Rajveer hears that.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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