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Ajooni 29th July 2022 Raj is making Ajooni’s video. Mehar comes there and shouts at him to stop making their videos. Ajooni asks her to calm down and says I don’t want any drama right now. She leaves from there.

Raj is staring at Ajooni’s photo. He says she is in my mobile and soon she will be with me. I don’t believe in dating, it destroys the sacred element of the relationship. I believe in marriage only.

Ajooni’s mother tells Beeji that Avinash and Ajooni are going out for a coffee but I am worried that something might go wrong. Beeji says they are kids so let them enjoy themselves before marriage. Her mother comes to the family. Avinash is there too. Her mother asks if they have to go out?

Avinash says we will just go out for some time. Beeji says go on then. Ajooni and Avi leave from there. Raj’s friend sees them leaving and tells Raj that she left in some man’s car. Raj gets angry and follows them.

Avi and Ajooni arrive at a jewelry shop. Raj follows them and spies on them. Avi and Ajooni decide on a ring. Avi asks Ajooni where will we go for our honeymoon? Ajooni blushes and says I will answer later on. Avi gets a call and says I have an emergency.

She says no worries, I will take an auto. Raj hears all that and finds out that Avi is her fiance. Ajooni and Abi leave from there. Raj looks at the ring that Ajooni chose and asks for the price. He says it’s 25K price. Raj says I want the most expensive ring here. He buys a ring for 1.5 lacs.

Ajooni is in the auto when Raj arrives there in his car and sits in her auto. Ajooni says what is this? Who are you? He shouts at her to be silent. I just want to say something. He shows the ring to her and says I bought this for you. Ajooni says why? Are you my husband? Raj says I want to. Ajooni says who are you?

Raj says I am Rajveer, I fell for you so please take this ring. Ajooni asks the driver to stop the auto and starts to leave but Raj stops her and says you should leave your fiance. You should marry me. Ajooni glares at him and says you are a cheap, stupid goon. What do you think of yourself? She leaves from there.

Ajooni is going to her house and is scared. She meets her uncle and goes to her house with him. Her uncle talks to them. Her mother asks if she gave the size of the ring? Ajooni recalls Raj offering her a ring and saying yes.

She leaves from there. Beeji comes to her and asks what happened? You look stressed. Ajooni says a guy has been following me around. He met me today and said he wants to marry me. He is staying outside our house. I scolded him. Beeji looks outside the window and says seems like he ran away.

Raj’s friend asks why didn’t he answer her when she scolded you? Raj says her comments is making stronger. When she was scolding me, she was like a lioness. She is perfect for me. Nobody can separate us now.


Ajooni 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni is shopping in the market and doesn’t buy an expensive dress but Raj buys it for her. She throws it away. Raj says you would look pretty in this dress. Later on, Avinash and Ajooni are getting engaged but Raj arrives there and points a gun at Avinash. He says I want Ajooni. All look on.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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