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Ajooni 28th September 2022 The nurse calls Harvinder and says Aman was bitten by the snake I left in her room, she must be gone by now. Harvinder says this is good news.

Bebe says there were 2 incidents that happened with Aman, I wanted to have a blessing of an heir but don’t know what’s happening. Ravindra sees Harvinder coming there and says this is not a coincidence, this is all deliberate. Bebe says we can’t expect a grandson from Ajooni and Rajveer.

Ravindra says we will get a grandson. Harvinder says yes, just got me married again. Ravindra gets a call and is shocked. He tells Bebe that a snake bit Aman, is this coincidence also? It’s good that Aman got saved by Ajooni. Harman says she must have not taken care of Aman and then saved her life. Ravindra tells Harvinder if I find any proof against you then I won’t spare you. He leaves from there.

Harman comes to the hospital and tells Rajveer that your wife is careless, she should have been with Aman but why was she with that doctor? She can’t even let you come closer to her but you never question her. Avinash comes there and says you people shouldn’t make noise, Ajooni is not stable yet.

Rajveer glares at him and says I am here to take care of my wife. Ravindra comes there and tells the hospital owner how can a snake bite my daughter-in-law here? I will take my daughter-in-law from here. Avinash says they need treatment. Rajveer asks him to do as said.

Dolly tells Harman that we can kill Ajooni as she is unconscious right now. Harman says Rajveer and Ravindra are protecting her. I will trap her in a way that she will start hating her life, Rajveer will throw her out of the house himself.

Bebe cries and tells Ravindra and Rajveer that I want to feel the happiness of a grandson before dying. She asks Rajveer to talk to Ajooni, tell her that I am begging for this happiness. Ravindra says everything will be fine, Bebe cries and leaves from there. Ravindra tells Rajveer that all family members are sad. You know there is a fox behind all this but I am just looking for a proof, if you find anything then let me know. Rajveer nods and leaves.

Rajveer comes to Aman’s room. Avinash is there and checks Aman. He tells Rajveer that she is fine. He says I have checked Ajooni also, she is stable but call me if she needs anything. Rajveer shouts that I can take care of her, Avinash leaves.

A nurse comes to Aman’s room and is about to give her an injection but Rajveer stops him. The flashback shows how he had seen Harvinder talking to the nurse. He takes the injection from him and starts beating him. He shouts what were you doing?

He brings him to the lounge and asks who told you to do this? All family members come there. Rajveer beats the nurse and asks why were you doing that? The nurse says I took money from someone to do this. Rajveer asks who gave you money? The nurse says Harvinder gave me money to kill Aman. All are shocked. Ravindra slaps Harvinder. Mangi takes the nurse from there.

Harvinder tries to run but Rajveer grabs him. Harvinder says I didn’t do anything. Rajveer says then why are you scared? You know Aman was ill but you never came to check on her, you were plotting to kill her. Harvinder cries and pleads with the family. He says I would never try to kill my wife. Ravindra slaps him and says you are shameless. I told you I won’t spare you once I have a proof against you.


Ajooni 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bebe tells Ravindra that I don’t want Ajooni in my house, she is ill-mannered and a bad omen for us. Rajveer says you can throw her out of the house but just remember that I will leave the house with her. All look on.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2022
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