Ajooni 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 27th September 2022 Harvinder scolds the nurse for not doing his work, he says we have to take care of Aman in this hospital only.

Aman thanks Avinash for helping her and for lying to her family. She says you have done a lot for me but please don’t tell anyone the truth. Ajooni looks on. Avinash says I promise that your secret will remain a secret. Aman asks Ajooni to promise to not tell the truth to Rajveer. Ajooni promises her to not tell anyone and Rajveer.

Ravindra comes back home and is sad. Bebe and Harman ask about Aman and her baby. Ravindra says our heir is gone, all are shocked. Ravindra says our heir died before coming to this world. Bebe is shocked and says you said Aman is safe? Ravindra says she was saved but couldn’t save her baby.

Bebe says this Ajooni is useless, she is responsible for all this. Dolly says I asked Ajooni to make the milkshake but she asked Aman to make it and she got shocked. Ravindra says wait a minute, you wanted Ajooni to get shocked? Now I know who is responsible for my grandson’s death.

Rajveer comes to Ajooni and asks about Aman’s health. She says she is sleeping, Rajveer says you can go home and I can stay here. Ajooni says Papa ji asked me to not leave her. Rajveer says you want to stay here because your company is here right?

Ajooni says what are you saying? That doctor has helped us a lot. He helped me save Aman’s life, what would I do without him? Rajveer says you can enjoy dinner with him then, he puts the food there and leaves. Ajooni looks on.

Harvinder comes home and asks what happened? Ravindra slaps him and says you don’t even remember what happened? He calls him, he asks why are you calling me? Ravindra beats him and says you killed my grandson. He got Aman attacked in the lift, Harvinder asks what proof do you have? Ravindra says I called you at that time and this ringtone rang there also. You were there at the time of the accident.

Harman says you might be mistaken. Harvinder says anyone could have the same ringtone. Why wouldn’t I change my ringtone? Harman says he wouldn’t kill his own son. Bebe asks Ravindra to stop blaming him, he is not at fault. Ravindra tells Harvinder that if I find proof then I won’t spare you.

Ajooni and Rajveer are in the hospital. Ajooni gives her phone to him and says I will go to the washroom. She leaves. Rajveer sees Meher calling Ajooni and goes to search for Ajooni. He sees Ajooni talking to Avinash in an empty room. Ajooni tells Avinash that this is a secret between us only, don’t tell anyone about it and forget this. Rajveer hears all that and is hurt thinking she is talking about their affair.

A nurse leaves a snake in Aman’s room and it bites her. Another nurse comes there and screams. Ajooni and Avinash rush to her. The snake goes away. Ajooni sees that Aman was bitten by a snake, Avinash goes to get the medicines. The nurse says she can die. Ajooni starts sucking poison from Aman’s body. Avinash comes there and holds her as she faints. Rajveer comes there and sees that. He is angry.


Ajooni 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ravindra tells Rajveer that once I have a proof then I won’t spare that fox. Later on Rajveer brings the nurse who brought snake to Aman, he beats him and asks who told you to do that? The nurse looks at Harvinder.

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Telecast Date:27th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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