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Ajooni 27th July 2022 Ajooni’s mother is preparing for Avinash and his mother. Her daughter says Avinash is perfect for Ajooni. Her mother says I just hope Avinash’s sister likes Ajooni. Beeji comes there and says they are lucky to Ajooni. I remember Indu’s marriage, Ajooni will leave us like her.

Ajooni comes there and is sad to hear that. Ajooni hugs Beeji and says I can go anywhere but I will never forget my upbringing here. Buaji comes there and asks what’s going on? Ajooni’s mother says Avinash’s family is coming. Buaji says what if Avinash’s sister doesn’t accept Ajooni? Ajooni recalls how Avinash said that they can’t get married? Beeji says don’t say that, they have to accept Ajooni.

Rajveer is sitting with his friends when a goon comes there and says Rana has come to attack us. Rajveer says I will handle him.

Avinash calls Ajooni and says my family is coming in 20 minutes. Ajooni tells her mother.

Rana is beating some men when Rajveer arrives there and starts beating his men. Rajveer says how dare you to beat my man? Rana says this is my area. Rajveer says you are still scared of me. He starts beating them. Rana tries to run but Raj catches him, he says remember my name from now on. He leaves from there with his friend.

Scene 2
Ajooni’s family is ready to welcome Avinash’s family. His mother and sister Geet enter the house. Geet is a young girl. Ajooni’s sister Mehar says you are his sister? She says we are the groom’s family so talk with respect. Mehar says sorry. Ajooni comes there and greets them. Ajooni sits with Geet and says you are cute.

Geet says I know, she asks if you know how to cook cake and pasta? Ajooni says yes. She asks what about chicken? Ajooni says we are vegetarian. Geet says that’s good. Geet asks her a lot of questions about her hobbies. Geet says I have to give you something. She asks her to come closer and pecks her cheek, she says I accept you. All are happy and take a selfie. Avinash’s family leaves. Ajooni is happy.

Ajooni is in the market and calls Avinash, she says no one can come between us now. Raj enters the market and is passing by Ajooni when she trips, Raj holds her just in time and they look at each other for the first time. Raj’s face is covered in mud. Ajooni thanks him and leaves. Raj can’t look away from her. Kesariya plays as Raj smiles at her.

Ajooni’s father asks Ajooni to make her wish-list, he says I want to fulfill all your wishes before you get married. Ajooni writes and says I want to go cycling with you. She tells Beeji to tell her stories. She tells her mother to make rice for her. She tells Mehar to not share her dresses anymore. All family members get emotional.

Raj is sitting alone and keeps recalling his meeting with Ajooni.

Ajooni is trying to clean her dupatta which has mud on it from Raj.


Ajooni 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raj meets Ajooni and imagines being with her. He says I want to be drunk on her love now. He comes to Ajooni’s house and prays in the mandir. He prays to get Ajooni and he will leave the wrong path.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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