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Ajooni 23rd November 2022 Harman brings Aman to another room. Aman shouts that I am a queen of this house and Shikha is lying. Harman shouts at her to stop it, you are dressed up and acting like a queen when Harvinder is dead? Aman says Shikha is lying. Harman says stop it, she gives her a white saree and says you will be locked here.

Shikha’s mother tells her that you are not safe here. Ravindra comes there and says we didn’t call you here, he asks her parents to leave. Harman says we should let Shikha stay here till Bebe is back. Ravindra says I don’t trust this girl. Bebe comes there and says Shikha will stay here, Harman called me and told me everything. Ravindra says Aman attacked Shikha.

Bebe says Aman is hurt as she lost her husband and now his mistress is having his baby. Bebe tells Shikha that don’t worry, you will stay here and I will figure out what to do. Shikha’s father says her life is in danger here. Bebe says I will take care of her. Shikha asks her parents to leave, she will be okay, they leave from there. Bebe takes Ravindra and Harman from there. Ajooni looks on.

Aman is sitting alone and recalls everything that happened. Ajooni comes there, Aman cries and says I couldn’t even give a heir to this family. I know they will throw me out of the house but where will I go? Ajooni says Ravindra won’t let Shikha stay here.

Ravindra tells Bebe that Shikha is a liar, she trapped Harvinder. Bebe says I know but why would she give another baby to us? Ravindra says what about Aman? Harman says we can send her back to her parents house. Bebe says she is useless for us. Ravindra says you are right, if Shikha proves that she is having Harvinder’s baby then we can throw Aman out. Ajooni hides and hears all that.

Ajooni tells Rajveer everything. Rajveer says I know Shikha is lying. Ajooni says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Aman.

Scene 2
In the morning, Bebe cries for Harvinder. She tells Harman that Ravindra went to get his postmartem report. She says we will have his heir and Shikha will stay here. Harman says what about Aman? Bebe says we will send Aman back to her family. Ajooni comes there and says she won’t go anywhere.

She brings Aman there. Harman shouts at Aman why are you out of that room? Ajooni says she part of this family and she won’t go anywhere, Shikha should leave. Bebe shouts at her who are you to tell us who will stay here or not? Shikha will stay here and Aman will leave. Ajooni says why? What’s her worth? Her husband died so she can’t stay here but why are you still in this house?

you should have left after your husband died. Bebe slaps her and takes a whip, she says I will break your ego now. She starts beating Ajooni but the women walfere committee arrive there with the media.

Karuna tells Bebe that I warned you before to not do domestic violence but now you have been exposed. Ravindra and Rajveer come there. Karuna tells him that your mother was beating your daughter in law and we all recorded it. Ajooni called us here and now we have proof against Bebe and Harman. Rajveer is shocked. Karuna says I will do a case on your family now.


Ajooni 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shikha calls her father and says I will destroy Ajooni’s image in this house and they will throw her out. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she didn’t call the committee but he pushes her away.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
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