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Ajooni 21st November 2022 Ravindra takes a gun and shoots at Ajooni, he shoots the apple and Ajooni is scared. Ravindra says don’t think I will spare you, you have destroyed this family. You made Rajveer take the blame for you and kept silent there? you are shameless. I will tear you apart today. Ajooni cries and says trust me,

I didn’t do anything. Ravindra shouts to not talk about trust, just accept that you are behind all this. He puts another apple on her shoulder and is about to shoot it but it falls down. Ravindra asks her to pick it up. Ajooni cries and says I didn’t do anything. Ravindra gives her a small apple and puts it on her hand.

Rajveer comes to Shikha’s house and looks around for her. He says I have proof against your daughter, I won’t spare her. Her parents are scared and says she is not here. Rajveer opens the cupboard and finds Shikha hiding there.

Ravindra asks Ajooni to accept her crime. Ajooni says I am telling the truth, I didn’t do anything. Ravindra says this will be your end now. He is about to shoot the apple on her hand but Rajveer comes there and holds her hand. All look on. Rajveer throws Shikha towards him. Ajooni hugs Rajveer and hides behind him. All look on. Rajveer says stop punishing your family which is why you don’t see your real enemies.

Ravindra says now you will tell me how to behave? what is this new drama? Rajveer says I have come here to end this drama. You know who recorded Ajooni? It was Shikha’s phone. Shikha says he is lying. Rajveer shows the recording receipt and says how come only that phone was saved from the accident?

Shikha planned all that to trap Ajooni. Shikha cries and says it was not mine. Ravindra says I was punishing Ajooni and Rajveer because of you. I won’t spare you. He puts a gun on her and says you killed my son right? Shikha cries but her parents come there. They say she loves Harvindar. Ravindra says she killed my son so I won’t spare her. Shikha’s mother it’s all a lie as she is going to be Harvindar’s baby mother.

All are shocked. She says Shikha is pregnant with Harvindar’s baby, she shows the hospital report to Ravindra. He asks Ajooni to read it, she reads it and nods. Shikha’s mother says she is pregnant with your family’s heir. Shikha’s father says I was ready to marry my daughter to your son but Harvindar lied to her that he would marry her. Ravindra says even if I accept that she is pregnant, what’s the proof that it’s Harvindar’s baby? what if she is having an affair with someone else?

Shikha cries and says don’t say all that, Harvindar’s soul must be in pain. Rajveer says why didn’t you tell me this before? Shikha says he wanted to give this news to Ravindra and make him happy but you people are maligning my baby here. Her mother says I had to come and tell them as your baby should be saved. That baby’s father is gone so we have to protect it. Ravindra says we have lost our son and her phone was found at the accident site.


Ajooni 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aman comes to Shikha and says I won’t spare you. She attacks her. All family members come outside and plead with Aman to stop. Aman is about to stab Shikha.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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