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Ajooni 1st November 2022 Harman gives the bank papers to Ajooni and asks her to get Aman’s signs on them. Ajooni is leaving when Chanku bumps into her and changes her papers without Ajooni noticing.

Ajooni comes to Aman with the papers. Aman says I am sorry for getting angry today. Ajooni says it’s okay, she asks her to sign the papers. Ajooni gets a call from Harvinder and he keeps her distracted as a seller. Aman keeps signing the papers without Ajooni reading them. Harvinder comes there and says you have done a lot for me.

Ajooni says what? Harvinder says you have made Aman sign these divorce papers. Ajooni and Aman are shocked. Harvinder says the divorce is done so we have no relationship. Aman sits in his feet and cries, she says you can’t leave me. Harvinder tells Ajooni that you have done my work, now I can marry Shikha so thank you.

He leaves from there. Harman comes there and asks Ajooni why did you get her to sign the divorce papers? I gave you the bank papers. I can’t believe that you have done this with Ajooni. Aman cries and asks Ajooni why did you do that? Harman says you were jealous that I gave the powers to Aman?

Aman says I don’t want any power. Ajooni says trust me, I didn’t know about those papers. you know I can’t do that. Aman says enough, you have done a lot. Ajooni says we will go to the court and tell them that you were trapped. Aman says you trapped me, she shouts at her to leave. Ajooni cries and leaves from there. Harman smirks.

Harvinder is leaving the house but Ajooni comes in front of him. She says why did you do all this? I know you changed the papers. Harvinder says you can say that but no one will trust you now. He drives away.

Aman cries and tells Harman that I trusted Ajooni the most so why did she do that? Harman says she is jealous that you got all the powers. She even helped Harvinder to bring him on her side but she sacrificed you. You know we go to the village every year so you have to go now. You are still our daughter in law so don’t worry. Aman looks on. Harman says if you want to live in this house then live like a queen. You can stay here and take revenge on Ajooni. Aman says I won’t be silent till I take revenge on Ajooni.

Rajveer is angry and tells his friend that I can’t understand Ajooni. He asks what happened? Rajveer says we were happy, we went to the hotel and then she became strange. His friend asks what happened inbetween? Rajveer says Guruji came to bless us. Rajveer recalls how Dolly wanted to tell him something about Guruji. Rajveer says they are hiding something. I will find out.

Mangi comes to Bebe and says some party people are coming so Ravindra asked to cook something for them. Bebe asks Aman to start preparing.

Aman comes to the kitchen. Ajooni is there so Aman tries to order her around. She asks Chanku to leave and glares at Ajooni. Aman asks her to cook fast, don’t do any mistake. She leaves from there. Ajooni looks on.

Ravindra brings his guests to the house. They all sit to have lunch. He asks ajooni where is non-veg food? Ajooni says we have pooja going on in the house that’s why I didn’t cook non-veg. Ravindra says we can go to the farmhouse and eat there. All the guests leave. Ravindra calls Aman and Ajooni. He asks who cooked this food? Ajooni looks on.


Ajooni 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer grabs Mangi and asks him to tell what is going on in the house. Mangi tells him that Guruji said if you become one with Ajooni then you will die. Otherside Aman tells Ajooni that you are against me because I have house keys. Ajooni says it’s not like that. Aman slaps her hard and says your days are going to end soon. I will fight with you now.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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