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Ajooni 17th November 2022 Rajveer comes to Shikha’s house and shouts at her to tell what happened to Harvinder? She says I have no clue. Rajveer takes her from there.

Rajveer brings Shikha to Ravindra, he points a gun at her and says just tell me what happened to Harvinder? Shikha cries and says I didn’t do anything. Ajooni says she was with him, she knows something. Shikha says he just dropped me home and then left. Rajveer says then why were you hiding?

Shikha says because I was scared that I will get murdered too. Harvinder was murdered. All are shocked. Shikha says I know who killed him. Ravindra asks who? She point towards Ajooni and says she killed him.

Ajooni says I didn’t do anything. Shikha says I didn’t have a proof that’s why I was hiding but I saw her threatening Harvinder to kill him. Rajveer shouts at her to shut up. Ravindra says enough, I have lost my son and you people are fighting like cats. The inspector arrives there and says we have found some proof. Ravindra goes with him.

The inspector shows the burned parking ticket to Ravindra and says we have to find out which hotel ticket this is. He says we found a phone near his car and there is a recording in it. He plays Ajooni’s recording in which she says that she would kill Harvinder if he tries to hurt Rajveer. Ravindra is shocked.

The inspector says we checked the car and the brakes were tempered, it all feels like it was a planned murder. Ravindra asks him to not tell anything to Rajveer, he nods and leaves. Mangi tells Ravindra says you should wait for some time, we should find a proper proof and then Rajveer will punish Ajooni himself.

Ravindra comes to the family and tells Rajveer that Harvinder’s car was tempered with, we have to find out who did it and till then Shikha will stay here. Ravindra says someone planned all this. He asks Rajveer to find everything that happened. He leaves. Mangi says why did you send him away? Ravindra says because now no one can save his wife. Ajooni says I didn’t do anything. Ravindra plays her recording and says you threatened him. I will punish you in a way that you will remember till death.

Rajveer comes to a hotel and asks the receptionist if he saw Harvinder there? He gives him money and the receptionist says yes he came here with a man and a woman. He says that woman forgot her purse here. Rajveer looks at the purse and says this is Ajooni’s purse.

Ravindra locks Ajooni is a gas chamber and fills it with steam. She cries and says please spare me. Shikha smirks. Ravindra asks her to confess her crime. Ajooni says I didn’t do anything. Ravindra says we literally have a recording of you threatening Harvinder. I thought you are educated but you are worse than Harman. Ajooni cries in the gas chamber.


Ajooni 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The inspector tells Ravindra that there was another man in the hotel with Harvinder and we found his bracelet, Ravindra sees Rajveer’s name written on the bracelet. He goes and starts beating Rajveer. Rajveer pushes him away and shouts yes I killed Harvinder, all are shocked.

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Telecast Date:17th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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