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Ajooni 16th September 2022 Dolly finds Ajooni and Aman in the hospital, she is about to call her mom but Bharat takes her phone and asks her to take care of her throat, let’s go and buy medicines for you.

Ravindra is eating food with Harman and Beeji, he says how come we have peace in the house today? Harman says Ajooni and Aman went to the mandir. Harvinder comes there and says I went to meet Shikha.

Rajveer comes there too. Ravindra teases Harvinder and says you will become a fool for your new wife like Rajveer. Harvinder says I will give you an heir and won’t be useless like Rajveer. Ravindra says let’s call Shikha’s parents to set the date for the wedding. Ajooni comes there with Aman and says there is no need for that.

She says the good news that Aman can become a mother so Harvinder doesn’t need to remarry. Harman asks how did that happen? Ajooni says I got her tests done and she is capable of becoming a mother, I think Harvinder should get his tests done. Harvinder glares at Aman and says how dare you go there without telling me?

Ajooni says but we found the truth. Ravindra says you are saying that Harvinder has some fault? Ajooni says I am just saying that Aman can become a mother, there must be some other reason so I think Harvinder should get his tests done and then we can get treatment for him. Bebe says how dare you point fingers at him?

Rajveer says at least listen to her, she is educated. Ajooni says it’s about Aman’s life and it’s not her fault. Ravindra asks what proof do you have? Ajooni shows her reports, he tears the reports and shouts how dare you question my son’s blood? Don’t question him. He shouts at Aman to stop listening to Ajooni, he asks Harvinder to set her right.

Harvinder starts taking Aman from there, she cries to save her but he takes her away. Ravindra shouts at Rajveer to control his wife, she can’t question Bagga’s blood, it’s about our honor so I won’t spare her tarnishing it. He leaves from there. Ajooni cries and feels bad for Aman.

Ajooni talks to Rajveer and says it’s about Aman’s life. Rajveer says I know but you shouldn’t have lied to take her to the hospital.

Harvinder ties Aman to the bed and says how dare you go and get your check up done? He says how dare you say that I am not a man?

Dolly’s friend Sidhi arrives at Subhash’s house but Dolly doesn’t welcome her. Meher brings her inside. Dolly asks why are you here? Sidhi says you called me, what happened to your voice? Meher says she was drinking from the bottle directly and drank vinegar mistakenly. Sidhi laughs at her.

Meher jokes with her. Dolly asks her to leave and says I didn’t call you, Sidhi angrily leaves. Dolly angrily goes from there. Meher tells her mother that I messaged her friend to make fun of her.

Harvinder takes out his belt and says Ajooni won’t save you today, I will show how good of a man I am. He beats her.


Ajooni 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni tells Rajveer that I married you to take revenge from you for destroying my family’s life but I never thought I would see a day like this. You married me as a punishment, your house is worse than a hell. Rajveer shouts stop it, you wanted to take revenge on me right? You are taking a revenge so you must be happy now.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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