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Ajooni 15th September 2022 Ajooni is putting her clothes away when Rajveer enters the room, he keeps staring at her. She asks if he needs anything? Rajveer says I wanted to thank you.

My mom does so much with you but still, you saved her. Ajooni says there is no need to thank me, I did what was right. Rajveer smiles at her and says I wanted to give you something. He shows her the ring and says I bought it for our engagement but couldn’t give it before. He offers it to her.

Ajooni smiles and says you can make me wear it. Rajveer is elated and holds her hand. He makes her wear it. Jeene laga hun plays. Rajveer holds her hand and says don’t leave my hand again, he kisses her hand. Ajooni comes closer to him. Rajveer pulls her in. Ajooni is about to kiss him…

it all turns out to be his dream. Ajooni looks at the ring and asks what is this? Rajveer says I bought it as a gift when we went to the restaurant. He puts the ring there and leaves. Harman hides and hears all that.

Ajooni looks at the ring and smiles. She wears it herself. Harman enters the room and claps at her, she says you have trapped Rajveer and using him against me. Don’t ever think you can win against me. You want to divide my family but I won’t let you do it.

Dolly is drinking from the bottle. Beeji asks her to use a glass. Dolly says why do you keep giving me lectures? I like to drink from bottle directly. Meher finds a cockroach and screams. Dolly holds it and runs behind her. Meher says she is dirty.

Dolly runs behind her but mistakenly bumps into Bharat who was shaving, he cuts his face a little. Beeji scolds Dolly but Bharat says it’s okay, I shouldn’t be shaving here, he leaves from there. Dolly looks on.

Beeji asks Dolly to throw away the cockroach. Dolly says I hit him but he didn’t make any scene, if it was my family then it would have been a full blown fight. How can someone be so innocent?

Ajooni comes to the kitchen and tells Aman that we should get you checked by the doctor. If he has an issue then it will be unfair to remarry him to another girl. Once we prove that you don’t have any issue then they won’t remarry him to another girl.

Meher is about to drink water but her mother stops her and says vinegar is mixed in it for hair so don’t drink it. She leaves from there. Dolly is calling her friend and says they don’t even have cold water. Meher puts vinegar in the fridge.

Dolly is about to drink it, Meher says don’r drink it. Dolly doesn’t listen and drinks it. She starts coughing and asks if she is alright? She calls her mother and says she drank vinegar. Bharat says let’s take her to the doctor. He goes with Dolly and his mother.

Ajooni tells Aman that I took an appointment, let’s go now. Harman stops them and asks where are you both going? Ajooni says we were going to the mandir. Harman saysj you can pray all you want but Harvinder will remarry at any cost, you both can go.

Ajooni and Aman arrive at the hospital. Aman says I am scared, Ajooni says don’t worry. Bharat, Dolly and his mother are there too. Ajooni doesn’t see them. Ajooni sits with Aman and asks her to not worry.

The doctor calls Dolly so she leaves from there without seeing Ajooni and Aman. Ajooni tells Aman that we just need to get your tests done. The doctor calls Aman inside so Ajooni goes with her. Dolly comes out and sees them. She is confused about why they are here.


Ajooni 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni tells the family that you people don’t need to get Harvinder remarried as Aman can become a mother. All look on. Ajooni says I think Harvinder should get his medical check up done too.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
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