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Ajooni 14th November 2022 Ravindra moves towards Ajooni but Rajveer stops him and says he thinks Ajooni is telling the truth. Ravindra says you are blinded by her love, you keep protecting her. Rajveer says I am not taking her side because she is my wife but because I have seen the truth in her eyes.

Ravindra says don’t talk about eyes, women’s eyes have magic which can fool others. Rajveer says I know she couldn’t find proofs but why do we keep punishing our family? Bebe says this because she doesn’t listen nicely. Ravindra says you are going to be a minister but you are not a man if you can’t control your wife.

Rajveer says raising hands on your wife doesn’t make you a man. I protect her and I know she can’t lie so I will bring that party man to you. He asks Ravindra to give him some time and he can’t succeed then they both will take the punishment. Ravindra says I will give you a chance but you can’t gather proof then you will allow me to punish your wife. Rajveer says I accept. Ajooni smiles at him.

Rajveer sits with Ajooni and says you should have told me everything. Ajooni says I had a proof but that recorder got lost. Rajveer says where did you meet the party man? Ajooni says he met me outside the house and said your life is in danger. Rajveer says I will go and search for him, I want to see how low my brother can stoop. He leaves.

Dolly puts a charcol face mask on. Meher comes there and laughs at her. Dolly says you are not as pretty as me. Meher says look at your face. Dolly asks her to shut up. Meher takes her photo ang laughs. She says I will put it on the social media. Dolly tries to take her phone but Meher leaves.

Shikha meets Harvinder and says this is happening because you were a fool. Harvinder says don’t worry, I won’t let Rajveer find that man.

Rajveer and his friends are searching for the man. They are unable to find him. Rajveer calls some people around but can’t find him. He sees Harvinder and Shikha looking around the market also.

Ajooni is at home and says we have to find that party man. She calls him and he picks up. She asks where are you? He says I am staying in a house behind the market, I will leave the city in a bit. Ajooni says I want to meet you, send me your address and just be cautious. He says yes and ends the call.

He messages her and starts packing his bags when his door knocks. He gets scared but opens it to find Harvinder and Shikha there. They glare at him. Harvinder says I will kill you. He cries and says I am leaving the city. Shikha says he is leaving so don’t do anything. Harvinder says just run from here and don’t come back. He asks him to sit in the car but Ajooni comes there and says stop.

Harvinder laughs and says I am taking him away. Ajooni says he is coming with me to confess to papa. Harvinder says I destroyed all your proof and you want to expose me? Lets see what you can do. You know Aman helped me in stealing the recorder because I fooled her. Ajooni is shocked. Harvinder says I am taking the man away and you can’t stop me. Ajooni tries to hold the man but Harvinder puts a knife on the man and says don’t try to stop me.


Ajooni 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The inspector comes to Rajveer’s house, he tells them that they found a black jeep which was involved in an accident, it was bad so I don’t think anyone in the car would be alive. Rajveer says that is Harvinder’s car. All are shocked

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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