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Ajooni 12th August 2022 Ajooni tells Rajveer’s family that she will not change her name. Bebe shouts at her that we change the identity of our daughter-in-laws, we have an honor to maintain so you will take the name that we give you.

Ajooni says my parents have given me this name, it’s my identity so I can’t change it. Ravindra says your identity is ours now so you will change your name now. Ajooni says my parents had to work hard to make me independent. I respect the name I was given. In my family, we don’t have differences between girls and boys.

I know I will have to adapt to many things but please don’t force me to change my name. Rajveer says I said I already have a name for her. I loved her with that name only. He says her name can only be Ajooni in this life. He smiles at her.

Ajooni talks to her family. Subhash says I know you are angry but you are married now so you have to be calm. Ajooni says I can’t forget the pain Rajveer has given us all. Beeji says forget all that now, you are married so start a new life.

Ajooni says I married him to take revenge on him, we had to bear the pain but now it’s his time to bear the pain. Buaji says you can say all that but we have seen that he loves you so maybe you should give him a chance. Subhash says we should leave now.

Subhash greets Ravindra before leaving. Ravindra says this wedding was unique. Subhash says my only request is to take care of my daughter now. Rajveer says she is our responsibility, she will get love in this house. Subhash nods and leaves with his family. Ravindra tells Bebe that this Ajooni has a long tongue. Bebe says we will control Rajveer’s wife, we will show her place now.

Ajooni hugs her family. Subhash blesses her. Beeji asks Ajooni to move on, sometimes we have to lose to our fate. Ajooni cries as her family leaves. Rajveer tries to talk to her but Ajooni goes away.

Harvinder tells Ravindra that Rajveer is running behind his wife like a useless man. He asks Rajveer’s friend Iravati to go and look for him. Rajveer and Ajooni come back home. Bebe stops them and says we will do her garah perfect.

Aman puts a pot in front of her. Harmand asks Ajooni to hurry. Rajveer puts his hand on Ajooni’s shoulder as a support but she pushes his hand away. Harmand says once you enter this house then you will lose your life outside this house, this will be your life from now on. Ajooni kicks the pot and enters the house with Rajveer.

Dolly stops Ajooni and says you have to give me naik, I know you are poor so you can just say a line for me. Can you say that you will be a servant here? Ajooni is shocked. Harmand asks Ajooni to just repeat it, it’s naik. Ajooni says I will give it to her. I am entering this house but I am not a Lakshmi, I will bring storm in the house like a Durga.

Bebe glares at her and is about to slap her but Rajveer holds her hand and says no Bebe, she is our Lakshmi. All family members leave. Ravindra tells Rajveer to tell his wife to control her tongue. Aman takes Ajooni from there.

Aman brings Ajooni to the mandir and says I know your situation but it’s useless to answer people back here. You will live here for life now so don’t fight. Ajooni asks if she is threatening her? Aman says not at all, I am just telling you a way to live here. Ajooni says my parents have taught me to respect but I can’t be silent when others are insulting me.

Harmand and Dolly come there. Harmand asks Ajooni to pray to Mata Rani to give patience and never go against her new family. Ajooni prays to Mata Rani and says give me patience but give me strength to fight against injustice and cruelty. Harmand glares at her.


Ajooni 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ravindra tells Bebe that since this Ajooni came in our house, I don’t feel good. Bebe says don’t worry, we will control her. Later on, Bebe taunts Ajooni that they gave her all the jewelry. Ajooni says you people gave me jewelry while my family gave me brains. Bebe glares at her.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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