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Ajooni 10th August 2022 Ravindra’s manager Mangi is looking at the arrangements and thinks Subhash is a caterer. Subhash says we are Ajooni’s family members. Mangi says sorry. Ravindra is talking on a call and is threatening a man to give him money otherwise he will kill them all. Mangi says the girl’s family is here.

Ravindra meets Subash and shows him to the media. He takes a photo with him and whispers to him that we have to pretend in front of them. A man arrives there, all turn to him, he is Ravindra’s elder son Harvinder, he scolds the media people. The reporter asks Ravindra why did he arrange the marriage with Subhas’s daughter? Ravindra says I believe in equality and this marriage will bridge gaps between rich and poor.

Rajveer’s mother introduces Harvinder’s wife Aman and Dolly to Beeji and others. She asks if they didn’t bring guests with them? Beeji says we didn’t get time to call them.

Rajveer’s mother says we also didn’t know about this marriage, we didn’t know who Rajveer liked. Buaji says but your son made sure that we didn’t have a choice. Rajveer’s mother gets angry and tells Dolly to show them their place.

The college head comes to the wedding. He knows Subhash and says if you told me you are Ravindra’s inlaw then we wouldn’t send you any notice, don’t worry about any more notices now. Subash looks on.

Scene 2
Ajooni’s haldi ceremony starts. Her family sadly apply haldi to her. Rajveer’s family is doing his haldi. The priest says the bride’s father has to wash his feet. Buaji says we don’t have a ritual like that. Bebe says we have it so shut up. Subash washes Rajveer’s feet and cleans his feet. He feels insulted but doesn’t say anything.

Ajooni gets ready as a bride and prays to Mata Rani to give her the strength to fight everyone.

Some friends of Rajveer are ill-talking about Ajooni with Harvinder. Meher comes there and says don’t ever ill-talk about my sister ever again.

Dolly is scolding a servant for throwing water at the floor. Bharat comes there and falls down. Dolly laughs at him and says now you should take a shower. he glares at her.

Rajveer is in the mandap. Ajooni arrives there as a bride. All look on. Rajveer is mesmerized seeing her. Aman says she is looking pretty, Dolly says it’s all just make up. The priest asks them to exchange garlands but Ajooni says I won’t do it, he has to fulfill my condition first.

Bebe says you are putting condition even before the wedding? Ajooni says he already agreed to my condition, he agreed to apologize to my family. Ravindra says we never bow down to anyone. Ajooni says I agreed to this marriage only if he apologized to my family. Rajveer says I nevr denied the condition.

Harvinder asks Rajveer to not bow to anyone. Rajveer says this is about my life so don’t interfere. He touches Subash and his wife’s feet, he says I am sorry for anything I did. He tells Ajooni that anything for you. Ajooni is about to exchange garlands but Ravindra says this marriage won’t happen.


Ajooni 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bebe tells Ajooni that we always change the names of our brides. Rajveer says I already have a name for her. Ajooni says I like my name so there is no need to change it, all look on.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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