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Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022 Abhimanyu kneels picking the bracelet, Niyati explains that this belongs to Nidtiya, she is really tensed.Angad explains that the child knows the entire truth and she will tell Niyati, who would in turn tell Abhimanyu and then he would not be alive, he did this all just because of fear as he did not have any other way, Manaroma questions what did he do,

he promises that this was his last mistake and he will not do anything wrong, Angad explains that if Abhimanyu finds out the truth then he would also know that she lied to him regarding the kidnapping of their daughter and this was the reason they separated,

Manaroma reveals that she lied because he did not told her the entire truth as she thought that the kidnappers killed her by mistake. Angad replies that no matter what is the truth but she is the one who lied to him and if Abhimanyu finds out the truth, he would hate her for the rest of his life. Will she be able to bear his hatred.

Angad exclaims that Abhimanyu has found the ring of Nidtiya and this time Abhimanyu would not leave him. Manaroma requests him to let her talk with Abhimanyu just once because she is going to take all the blame on herself,

she will also accept that whatever happened six years ago was her plan so he is going to understand, Angad exclaims if she is out of her mind because there is no other way and they have to find the girl, Manaroma asks where is the girl when Angad informs she is in the basement.

Niyati questions why is Abhimanyu acting as if he doesnot know the truth because how is it possible that the ring was here for two days but they did not see it, she questions why is he acting as if he doesnot want to know the truth as even six yeas ago it was the planning of Angad and his mother, Abhimanyu warns her to not say anything against his mother when Niyati replies she doesnot care about anyone.

Niyati rushes inside when Rupa and Devi exclaims she is really selfish as even what happened six years ago was because of her stubbornness, Niyati replies she lost her daughter because of them but this is not going to happen this time, as she is herself going to find her daughter. Niyati explains that they must search this house, Mr Panday agrees but they are searching the entire house however were not able to find Nidtiya, Niyati informs there is still a place left which is the basement and it is the best place to hide someone. Mr Panday allows her to go and search it.

Angad in the room mentions Manaroma that she is going to search the basement and if she finds Nidtiya then Abhimanyu is going to kill her but Manaroma says this time she is going to tell any sort of lie to protect him.

Niyati reaches the basement yelling the name of Nidtiya, she gets really tensed but is not able to find her daughter and exclaims that if she doesnot find her here then everything would be ruined, Niyati is about to walk out of the basement when her dupatta gets stuck in a nail, she turns to see that a box falls, Niyati rushes back and is shocked to see Nidtiya lying there unconscious on the floor, Niyati assures her that she has come so nothing will happen to her now, Niyati picks her up taking her upstairs.

Rupa and Devi exclaim that Niyati always creates a scene and they are forced to accept it, Mr Panday questions why is she talking like this when Niyati si the reason that she has gotten the ten percent, Devi exclaims they cannot forget all her evils as because of her actions Abhimanyu is still alone, Amma jee says that even Niyati is alone but Rupa asks he to not defend her because she is the one who ruined the life of Abhimanyu, Mr Panday also says that Niyati did not do anything wrong and her life was also ruined. Devi says she would not be able to find her daughter this time, Abhimanyu in shock takes the name of Nidtiya.

Niyati walks to them all with Nidtiya when they help her lie down on the sofa, Niyati informs she was lying unconscious in the basement and is here since last night, Amma jee questions if they all saw because Niyati was telling the truth like always but they did not listen to her, Mr Panday decided to call the doctor, she requests him to come as a child is unconscious, Niyati questions what did this child do to anyone.

Niyati walks to Abhimanyu who is stunned, she questions why is he quiet as he should refuse to accept this all, and blame that she and her daughter are acting so he can also accept that her daughter came to this house and went to the basement herself, because anyone in this world can be wrong for him except for his mother and brother, she questions why is he not defending them.

Niyati warns him to not refute this as she knows Angad was the one who brought her daughter here, she says he must go and questions his brother. Niyati asks where is his mother and brother, she exclaims that they are still not present. She asks if he has the strength but then exclaims

Abhimanyu doesnot have any, she knows they both are planning to make a fool of him and he is going to accept it all, Niyati once again asks him to question why did he kidnap her daughter but it is not of any use as his mother is going to make a story which he will believe, because he believes all the lies of his mother. Abhimanyu leaves in anger.

Nidtiya calls Niyati after waking up, Niyati starts calling her name with tears in her eyes.
Angad is trying to strangle Manaroma exclaiming he will not let her reveal the truth, Abhimanyu pushes him away questioning Manaroma why was Angad trying to kill him but Angad threatens to kill him yet Abhimanyu pushes Angad out of the bedroom.

Devi seeing these questions if he would kill Angad, Abhimanyu replies that he is going to kill him since he tried to harm his mother, Niyati praises Manaroma that she has already played her game.

Dadi is sitting when her niece comes questioning what happened, Dadi replies that she desires a pair of sunglasses who also contain her number but Amma jee says that she would have to go to a physical shop and even get an eye test but her niece replies that she would not have to go anywhere since everything can be done at him,

Amma jee asks if there is some sort of magic, she replies that it is the AR feature of lense cart, as it will select the frames according to her face when Amma jee replies she already knows her number, her niece exclaims now she must see on the camera and reveals that she has the gold membership of lense cart, she mentions they will order one pair: which she can wear in the house while the other in any party.

Niyati replies she doesnot care if he was trying to kill his mother but only desires to know the reason he kidnapped her daughter, Abhimanyu warns him to tell the reason he kidnapped Nidtiya as what wrong did he do to her, Manaroma exclaims she will tell them but Niyati replies that today she is going to stay quiet.

Mr Panday also warns her to stay quiet as this time her son is going to answer. Abhimanyu questions why is he talking to her like this, because he himself saw Angad trying to strangle her which means that she was not with him in his plans. Niyati exclaims he is once again getting trapped in her trap of mother hood, she pleads why is he not listening to her. Abhimanyu looks to Niyati in a state of shock.


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