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Agar Tum Na Hote 26th April 2022 Niyati slowly wakes up her head is aching when she starts yelling, even Nidtiya starts crying however Angad is doing his best to take her away, meanwhile Niyati is able to remove his mask and is shocked to see that it is Angad,

she holds him by his feet however she kicks him causing her head to bang against the wooden rods, Ram and Sulochana rush to Niyati, he asks who was in the car but she is not able to reply and falls unconscious when they both decide to take her inside.

Nidtiya is constantly struggling asking Angad to let her go, she asks if he remembers the boxing match, when she will tell her father the entire truth it is what he is going to do to him. Angad however warns her to shut up and applies the chloroform so she gets unconscious, he thinks she is as her mother.

The driver stops the car, Angad questions why did he bring them to the house when the driver asks if they had to go someplace else, Angad thinks it is four in the morning so it might not be safe, everyone would be sleeping and she will also remain unconscious. He covers Nidtiya in the cloth taking her inside meanwhile Abhimanyu is also walking down the stairs when he is shocked to see who left the door open,

Angad is hiding behind the sofa, he walks with Nidtiya to the basement and placing her on the ground thinks that he tried to end the relationship of Niyati and Abhimanyu when she was born however, she has a really good luck because of which she got into the hands of her mother but this time when she is trying to make both Niyati and Abhimanyu come close, is what he cannot allow so he is going to end her life once and for all.

In the morning the doctor explains that Niyati is fine and they must take care of her, she suddenly wakes up calling Nidtiya, Ram informs he has already filed the police complaint but they were not able to do much since she is unconscious. Niyati explains that Angad came to the house in disguise and took Nidtiya, Ram vows to not leave Angad this time when Niyati asks him to come with the police while she will go straight to the Panday house.

Abhimanyu is standing watering the plants when Manaroma steps out of the car, he is shocked seeing her so immediately hugs her because of the joy he is feeling to once again meet his mother, she seeing him thinks that he is the real heir of this house and property but even then is working like a servant but doesnot have any regret just because of her,

Abhimanyu explains she got really late while coming and in her absence a lot had happened including Niyati, she asks what did Niyati do but Angad coming pushes him away saying that he has started telling his emotional stories after seeing Maa, he takes Manaroma away who is still looking at Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu is shocked to see Niyati coming towards the house, he asks what is she doing here and if Nidtiya is fine, he even asks how did she get the injury.

Niyati stops Angad from behind who is shocked to see her, Abhimanyu also questions what happened, Rupa says that Niyati always creates a scene whenever she comes to this house, Niyati blames he has crossed his limit, Mr Panday questions what has he done.

Niyati walking in front of him recalls when she saw the video of the ward boy, whom Angad was instructing that he needs to kidnap their daughter and make sure they are never able to meet her again, and then he also came to kidnap Nidtiya, she slaps him on the face questioning where is her daughter. Abhimanyu tries to question Niyati but she signals him to stop. She asks him to tell the truth where has he hid her daughter, he asks if she is mad questioning why does she always come to fight with him,

Niyati explains she realized after seeing those criminals who came to her house, she realized they were just trying to harm her daughter. Angad explains this is what he is saying as he doesnot even know her daughter so why would he kidnap her. Manaroma is shocked questioning her daughter, Niyati replies that she found her on the footsteps on the Mandir the same day when they threw her out of the house blaming that she is the reason for the death of their daughter. Niyati holding his collar pleads that he tell where he had hid her daughter,

Manaroma tries to interfere but Niyati stops her saying that she will not say anything as she has lost the right to speak when she remained quiet six years ago, she must remember that if she can take the side of one child while ruining the life of another, she is also a mother and can do anything for her daughter, Niyati seeing the knife points it towards Angad warning him to reveal the truth, Abhimanyu asks if she has gotten mad.

Niyati asks when would he trust her, he must try to see the truth as Angad is the one who kidnapped her daughter, Angad asks if she is mad questioning why would he kidnap her daughter and even Manaroma tries to defend him, Niyati explains that she is still taking his side. Niyati reveals that she always stood by his side,

she cured him and even revealed the truth of his mother but even when he brought her back, she was with him however he was not able to either give him love and trust, Abhimanyu tries to take Niyati away when Mr Panday questions why does he not trust Niyati because she would never lie to him about her daughter. Devi and Rupa however question why does he always mistrust Angad.

Angad enters the room with Manaroma who questions what is Niyati saying when Angad explains that he is the one who kidnapped the daughter of Niyati, Manaroma questions why did he do this when Angad informs because she has come to know the truth that she is the biological daughter of Abhimanyu and Niyati,

Manaroma is shocked explaining that their daughter died as the police even found the clothes covered in blood, Angad reveals it was his plan because he wanted to ruin the relationship of Abhimanyu and Niyati which was only possible if they got the news of the death of their child, Manaroma asks what had the child done to him,

Angad explains he wanted her to live the same life as he had of an orphan without any mistake, but for that he gave her to a beggar and even paid her each and every month but he came to know this know that she had placed the child on the steps of the Mandir the same night when Niyati found her so she got the love of a mother but there is a problem because she has found out the entire truth and will now tell Niyati.

Abhimanyu pulls Niyati out of the house asking her to calm down as she will hurt herself, Niyati once again blames Angad when Abhimanyu replies that Angad has not done anything and she always blames him, Niyati replies because she is telling the truth, she warns him to not come in her way this time as she doesnot know what she might do, she is about to leave but stumbles and is about to fall when he catches her, Abhimanyu sees the bracelet which belongs to Nidtiya, Niyati also informs him seeing which he is left shocked.


Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mr Pandey says I searched everywhere but couldn’t find Nitya. Niyati says still one place is left – basement.Angad says to his mom, she will reach basement and whole truth will come out.Niyati says I should go and check the basement and starts looking for her. Nitya is sleeping in the basement.Niyati says to Angad, you have crossed the limits, she walks to him and slaps him. She says, tell me where you hid my daughter.

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Telecast Date:26th April 2022
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