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Agar Tum Na Hote 25th April 2022 Abhimanyu is applying the bandage on the hands of Abhimanyu, she looks at him with concern in her eyes while he is also emotional, Sulochana is standing behind Niyati while Nidtiya is sleeping in the bed. They both constantly look at each other,

Abhimanyu standing exclaims he needs to leave so walks out of the door wishing them all, Niyati stops Abhimanyu from behind suggesting that she is going to apply the injection as it will lower the pain, he requests her to not care for him so much because now he is used to this pain and if she takes this away from him then he would not be able to survive,

he says this is what he asked from her six years ago, this care and family that included him and Guria along with Niyati, they all would have talked and loved each other but she snatched everything from, Abhimanyu leaves.

Ram coming out of the room says he once again left after blaming her for everything but why did she not say anything in return, Ram says she is once again becoming weak in front of him but he would not allow Abhimanyu to play with life of Nidtiya and Niyati as he was never suitable for her,

he says they are coming together after using Nidtiya as the reason for filling the void that was created by the death of Guria. Niyati replies that she could not say anything to him because he is the reason that Nidtiya is alive, a mother could have thanked him but not said anything in return. Sulochana consoles Ram.

Angad is scolding the inspector questioning if these men were the ones whom he was so sure about because they ran away after being getting beaten by Abhimanyu, Inspector explains that he does so much for him but he still blames him, Angad explains that the child is still unconscious but when she wakes up then would tell the truth that she is the daughter of both Abhimanyu and Niyati but the bigger fear is that Abhimanyu would find out the truth that he is the one who got her kidnapped,

because his mother told that Niyati was mistaken however if the truth comes out then Abhimanyu would find out that she also lied to him and then he would not leave them both, Inspector suggests him to call all of the people whom he knows as they would be able to end the life of Niyati’s daughter.

Meera is sitting beside Kavya when Abhimanyu enters the room, she explains that Kavya went to sleep while waiting for him, she asks about Nidtiya when Abhimanyu explains she is still unconscious but the reports would come back tomorrow and then the doctors would decide the treatment,

Abhimanyu requests the permission to take Kavya with him, as sometimes the pain is ended when they hold the children close to their chest, he apologizes to Kavya exclaiming that she is the best child of her uncle however Kavya asks him to go away since she no longer wants to be with him, he leaves her while he himself is in pain.

Niyati is sitting beside Nidtiya when she suddenly sees that her hands are moving and then as Nidtiya opens her eyes, she starts to kiss them when Nidtiya explains she wants to talk about something important with her mother, Nidtiya explains that when she went to the house then heard something however Niyati advises her to take the medicine and sleep because she doesnot know why her daughter gets unconscious,

Nidtiya explains it is something important however Niyati says she must first have something to eat however Nidtiya requests to speak and doesnot want to eat. Someone is trying to get in the house however finds that both the main door and windows are locked.

Niyati mentions they have to eat something before having the medicine, Niyati mentions that she ran away in the morning while also left in the night so must have this food, Nidtiya thinks she would not be angry with her father if she hears what does Nidtiya have to say.

Angad slowly opens the window before entering the house.

Niyati asks Nidtiya to quietly take the medicine, she inquires if Nidtiya is feeling fine asking if she is aching anywhere, Niyati asks her to wake her up in the night if she feels any problem, Nidtiya questions how would she say anything when her mother is not allowing her, Niyati replies she is talking about the health, Nidtiya starts coughing when Niyati helps her drink the water, suggesting she needs to sleep. Angad entering the house thinks he would have to end the child since if she opens the mouth then his plans from the past six years would be ruined.

Abhimanyu is sitting when Meera enters mentioning kavya said it all in her sleep otherwise would never say anything, Abhimanyu explains he knows the reason because he is giving his attention to another girl however he explains he is not able to end his care for Nidtiya even when she is not the real daughter of Niyati, Meera is shocked so Abhimanyu explains that he was wrong as Niyati also did not marry anyone else, he feels a kismet connection with her just as he felt with Niyati, Meera gets tensed.

Nidtiya exclaims no one loves her and doesnot want to talk with her because if she doesnot talk then how would she be able to sleep, Niyati questions why does she do this because she knows that her mother would not be able to refuse anything after seeing her childish face, which she uses to make her do everything. Niyati allows her to speak, Nidtiya starts dancing when Niyati questions why is she so excited in the middle of the night. Nidtiya replies even she would be happy after she finds out the truth.
Angad sees both Ram and Sulochana are sleeping in their room so thinks they would also be sleeping; he covers his face with the mask.

Niyati questions what does she want to talk about, Nidtiya asks when is she really happy or hearing what is she happy, Niyati asks her to say it clearly when Nidtiya replies they do not say such important things so easily, Niyati exclaims she gets really happy because of Nidtiya and she is the only reason, Nidtiya replies it is a boring answer when Niyati asks her to go and sleep.

Nidtiya exclaims Niyati would get so happy but Niyati replies that she must go to sleep however Nidtiya is about to reveal that she is the real daughter of Niyati and Abhimanyu but before she can say it Nidtiya sees that someone is standing behind the door, Niyati also stands in shock, the person hits her in the head with a vase so she falls down. He picks up Nidtiya running out of the room while she is screaming, Niyati is not able to protect her daughter.

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